Where do your Planets live?


The following piece is about the Astrological Houses. It was originally written as a workshop/group discussion, whereby the audience ‘tuned in’ to their own charts and experimented with the concept of creating a character for each house during a series of short meditations.  However, I wanted not only to educate and inform those who are perhaps unfamiliar with astrology, but also I felt that I needed to bring the houses to life. Of course all areas of astrology are fascinating, but this particular area is especially exciting. Countless authors have certainly bought their own kind of magic, their individually creative perspective, to this particular area. I also wanted to achieve this – to give it life and breath and in doing so hopefully captivate and stimulate your imagination.

The houses seemed to come truly alive for me when I found that I could connect with a particular character or personality that lived within them.  These characters are of course stylised and seem to belong to a realm of their own.  I connected with and got to know them quite well whilst working on this workshop and they have given me a great deal of insight and information.  Also I felt that each character gave the planets that ‘lived’ with these ‘house owners’ a special energy and affected them in a highly individualized manner.

It seemed that with each house I encountered when writing this workshop came a very different energy not only regarding the characters that live in each house, but also regarding the planetary energies. I found that sometimes the planets evolved into personalities themselves, sometimes as inanimate tools and sometimes they took on a different form altogether. Whatever form the planets themselves chose to take; I could feel their energy and picture how they responded both to their domain and the character that lived there. It really was like entering a new world for me and I hope that you experience this also.

I also feel that the sign on the cusp of the house changes the energy of the character and will colour and give further depth to whomever ‘lives’ in the house. In other houses, where the houses are more developed and extend into environments, this will also be coloured by the sign on the cusp.

The First House

The newborn baby – furious at being torn from the sanctuary of the twelfth house, blood spattered and, angry, vocal in his contempt for the harshness of this world, he clenches his fists and tenses his muscles in an attempt to deny this transition from spiritual to physical. He feels anger and fear and intensely alone. At the same time he fights for life, he responds to instinct not consciousness and a primeval fear drives him onward to re-experience the sanctuary that he so recently left.

In the beginning of incarnation the planets in this house are expressed unconsciously, brandished without coordination or sophistication. They are neither weapon nor defence – they simply are utilised as unfettered expression of the essential energies, the anger of the infant. As the child grows, they are experimented with – played with until they begin to aid him in his search for his own identity. Mistakes are made and behaviour is modified, although actions are still spontaneous, there is a level of maturity about them. If positive development is experienced and a level of sophistication develops, this child then transforms into the warrior, the lord and defender of his domain. The warrior holds his the planets aloft and they become his shield and his sword.  A sense of self emerges and in times of peace the planets are simply held aloft, like a chalice, an offering to the world and pride replaces a sense of frustration, conscious control replaces primitive expression, motivation replaces anger.

Also when I speak of maturity and progression, this may not be a chronological process. It is not that all of us begin as the child and grow to be the warrior. Rather some of us remain as the child, never finding a mature outlet for our tools or planets. Others are born as the warrior or rather reclaim that powerful role very soon after birth. Often however, we may find that these personalities are interchangeable within us and we struggle to become the warrior, when often we feel like behaving like the child.

The Planets in the First House:

The Sun
The Child: In this house this luminary when it is undeveloped is needy for attention, a desperate desire to be noticed, for this is what will ensure his survival. ‘LOOK AT ME’ is the cry when he brandishes his light in front of him. The Sun is within the child and loves to be loved, although he may not always connect with or honour those around him.  

The Warrior: This golden light, once positively and consciously focused can bring illumination and direction of inner forces, a vital physical energy that will ensure success. Innate confidence means that he is able to freely bestow warmth to those around him – no defence is needed and he rarely needs to use his sword respect is commanded and given. He is not just warrior, he is a leader also, a king – benevolent and mighty. 

The Child: At first this planet shows itself as the nervous energy expressed by a restless infant.  Later it becomes the wilful rebelliousness of the child, an immature and unsophisticated desire to experience freedom, to be unrestricted. Unpredictable responses are both weapon and defence – creating discord and disconnection with others in the mistaken belief that distance from others equals freedom.

The Warrior: With time and effort, Uranus can become a champion for the cause, unafraid of breaking new ground, of treading new paths and awakening the consciousness to a new higher level. It is courage and strength of conviction – it is love and compassion without need of ego reinforcement from others. It is the tool that beats away the jungle to allow passage into new territory.

The Child: Casting its iron shadow is almost too much power for the infant soul. Destruction and chaos can ensue as he takes this weapon and aims it at what he fears.

The Warrior: He is able to use this mighty source to change and reform that which he knows can be improved through deeper understanding.

You will see that in the following houses the planets often become individual characters themselves connecting with the ‘house character’. In the first house I chose not to give the planets personalities of their own as such because the first house is so much about the self and the development of the singular identity. Interactive relationships are something that develop with time and so I feel this concept belongs to the other houses which are more focused upon ‘the other; - which ever form that may take. Also as the character develops and matures the planets energies change.

The Second House

Imagine a desert and in the centre of this is a green lush forest.  Within the forest is a tent – a beautiful structure of silk and satin.  In this resides the gypsy, beautiful, dark with a possessive gleam in her eye, dark sultry, and voluptuous. 

She is Venus, not the light flirtatious Venus of Libra and the seventh house, but the strong and earthy lustiness of Taurus and the second house. Fixed and certain, she knows what she wants. She possesses all that she touches – what is hers is hers and what is not is still hers.   She is true beauty; one that everyone wishes they possess.  She sits upon velvet cushions and sips warm, full-bodied red wine. The planets are caught by her charms and seduced by her earthy warmth. Her voice is deep, husky and persuasive – it comes from deep within her throat. She wears musky perfume and bathes in rich oils. Red, purples gold and green, velvet and softness furnish her domain and she tantalises all who enter.

Seductive and adorned with glittering jewels she hold tightly onto the planets in her house, they are hers and her alone. She lovingly tends to them until they gleam; she pampers and calls them by sweet names until they feel their true value – their innate worthiness. They are her baubles and she is passionate about them. She is warm and generous, as long as she feels that she is receiving as much as she is giving.  They adore her, as is her intention. Perhaps held so closely to their owner, they lose a little of their freedom of self-expression. They may also be a little self-obsessed and so utterly focused upon experiencing this sense of self-worth that they may forget that others exist outside of their world. However, they are never more beautiful or more fiercely adored under this beautiful woman’s loving touch.

The Planets in the Second House:

Saturn to a certain extent, he becomes the gypsy’s slave in this house, if Saturn is ever anyone’s slave! This grave old man, this wise teacher is besotted by this beautiful woman and even flattered by her attentiveness and so doggedly works until her demands are met. He may stabilise her a little, bringing a practical energy to her house as she drives him on to accumulate wealth or develop talents on her behalf.  But this is a kind of love affair between the young woman and the wizened old man and such a strange match cannot be without its problems. Saturn is the lord of Karma and the world of physical possessions is not a really fitting place for such a mighty soul. However being stoic and responsible he does his duty. However the gypsy may not gain the recognition she so desires, as Saturn is not known to be generous with his gifts. That is, unless she comes to understand that it is spiritual wealth and the development of her inner talents that she must pursue and not the accumulation of earthly possessions.

Jupiter - This is a very different relationship from that of the gypsy and Saturn. Jupiter strolls in laughing bearing generous gifts and she in turn loves and appreciates his giving and warm nature. Their appetite is great and together they adore rich and luxurious objects and so can accumulate much. In the celebration of their meeting however, the joy of their abundant union, they may forget their responsibilities and may squander their resources. They may neglect to develop their inner talents as they may prefer to bolster their sense of self worth through material possessions and self indulgent grandeur. However, they are entirely generous and will give all they have to those they meet.

The Third House

The Bird Keeper. A strange title I think. I actually struggled a little bit with this house. I wanted to write about the trickster - jumping jack flash and I suppose this character embodies all of those traits, but those images in themselves didn’t feel quite right, they were hollow somehow. However, I also kept getting images of birds – birds flying everywhere, all colours and breeds. This confused me somewhat until I remembered that birds are governed by Mercury – the natural ruler of the third house. So if the third house is how we think, how we gather, collect and process our thoughts, how is there a connection?  Then I realised that the birds are representative of thought and the Bird Keeper is the collector of those thoughts. 

However, even if we call him the Bird Keeper he does not contain his fellow inhabitants within this domain. The door of the gilded cage in which he sits is not closed, it is wide open.  The birds are free to fly, to travel the rest of the world and return with their gifts – every thought we have is a gift after all. In fact he needs to set them free, so that they can return and feed his hunger for knowledge.  Without their gifts he would be but an uncoordinated child – unable to develop or grow.

So, imagine this man, this strange impish character with long dexterous fingers and darting eyes, a hint of mischief in his smile. He is wizened and wise and so, so sharp.  He sits cross-legged with thousand of coloured birds coming and going. They sit upon his shoulder and whisper to him their secrets. They never stop, everything is a whirlwind of colour, a blur of activity and yet within this, in the centre, this man sits and strangely he seems to possess an inner calm, a clarity of being and a focus – for he is the collector and the centre of the wheel of thought.

The planets that reside with him – perhaps they grow wings and join the throngs of birds. Perhaps they too are free to travel and return with their gifts – in the form of new information, ideas and knowledge. 

Does Pluto become the raven, or perhaps the great Frigate bird.  Pluto in this house transcends the heights and also plunges the depths. Under the influence of the Bird Keeper he becomes intensely curious and is one of the few planets that embark upon long journeys. He flies far past the skies of the ninth house, the house of the higher mind and far below, beyond the marshy lands of the fourth house of the Moon - places where no other will venture.

Whichever planet lives in the third house they each have a mission and all sing their own song. Even if their journeys are short their potential is unlimited.

The Planets in the Third House:

The Moon - If the Moon were a bird it would perhaps be nightingale – sweet and melodic. This luminary brings to the bird keeper a subjective view of the world – softly singing to him of her need for security and her love of knowledge that she holds so closely to her feathered breast. The Bird Keeper in turn will grow soft – his eyes becoming cloudy with emotion. Through her loving touch he learns not just to understand – but to feel, to perceive and intuit knowledge.

Mercury - This planet is all species of birds.  Taking a slightly difference approach, twin meets twin in this house, the bird keeper meets his own kind. They talk, chatter connect and are symbiotically intertwined, they dart, moving at a rapid pace. Communication and activity – a blur of limbs and tongue. The third house is their domain, but the living mind is their world. The challenge Mercury encounters here is not to skate upon the surface of the mind – playing aimless games and activity for activities sake – these twins need to find meaning, rhythm, purpose and completion so that their fusion brings fulfilment and intellectual growth, or Mercury will remain either as a flightless bird, or one with no purpose and direction – just frenetic activity and the Bird Keeper will be denied stimulus and so will not grow.

The Fourth House

The dreamy Moon-Mother sits by a huge still lake, billowing skirts and soft lace, long fair hair gently flowing in the breeze.  Her eyes are pools of blue and hold the pain of the world within them.  She can hypnotise those who step into her world and draw them in with her cool, milky breath.

The planets are her children and she nurtures and feeds them until they are plump and placid. She strokes them with her soft hands and murmurs gentle words until they are hypnotised, calm and yielding. She holds the planets, her children close to her, nestles them next to her skirts and protects them. In this house the planets develop their softer qualities, intuition and emotional connection.  However, they may grow a little lazy in this gentle light, the dusky sky making them sleepy. They are loved and protected, but may become sensitive and a little needy under her care.  They look for reassurance and shelter close to her.  Much as she loves them she may be a little selfish. She may endow them with her intuition, her sensitivity, but she may not give them their own power, she may drain them, absorbing their energies, their strengths. She clings to them and perhaps prefers them not to develop their own strength – so that they won’t stray away from her.

The Planets in the Fourth House:

Mercury cavorts and plays under the watchful eye of the Moon mother ensuring that he does not stray too far, or try to perform a dangerous trick. These lunar children are pale of face and plump from love, their eyes, huge and luminous, peer out cautiously at their moonlit world – their faces reflected upon the surface of the great lake. 

Venus sits and adoringly gazes at her mothers face, revering her beauty, not daring to move or even breathe for fear of rippling the surface of the lake.

Pluto peers at his reflection questioning who he is and where he came from. He would love to dive deep into the pool, if only he wasn’t so afraid of drowning, of never again rising to the surface..

Uranus tries to break free to be himself – but is drawn back by the lure of his mother and his need of comfort when the world becomes alien and unfriendly. If he fines a balance between knowing and respecting where he came from and free self-expression, then he becomes someone who can understand and intuit undercurrents and emotions.  He can be who can stand alone strong and sure, knowing that he can fall back into the arms of his mother any time he chooses.

The Fifth House

The fifth house - this is the domain of the Rainbow King. He moves with joy and abundant energy, he cavorts and plays. He has no fear and no thoughts of pain - he lives in the 'now' and has no time for gloom or shadow - he is all heart and full of love for the moment.   The pale Moon children peer from the skirts of the Mother of the fourth house and creep cautiously toward his World, drawn by the brightness and light, hesitant, yet excited at the prospect of his games and his joyful demeanour. They move away from the safety and nurturing of their home (the fourth) and follow him, gleeful and free from past ties and sorrowful memories.  They watch with awe as he strikes the air with his wand and fills it with rainbows. He brings life and colour to these children – the planets that reside with him in his sumptuous palace. He plays and gently teases them, pampers and fills them with pride - they gleam and become exotic creatures that preen and parade their virtues.  His sunlit shadow bestows them with gold as they sit at his feet. They grow and reach toward the sky, forgetting their failings, but perhaps becoming a little careless in their unfettered self-expression.

The Planets in the Fifth House:

The Sun glows brightly, his identity becomes creative, pure ego-expression; he is loyal and loving and is childlike in his need for approval and acceptance. He is generous and glows warmly – lighting up all those who come close to him.

Mercury grows in stature and stands upon a platform, so that the entire world can hear him speak his words of wisdom - he is mind and ego intertwined and needs to be heard to know that his thoughts are recognised and admired.  He is eloquent and articulate and honest, as long as he retains his pride.

Neptune: is forced into the outer world, exposed and vulnerable, he tries to find a sense of self through romantic connections and all consuming love, he dreams of grandeur and of a world where he feels strong.  He is intuitively creative and in tune with art, music and poetry and would do well to turn his energies to those areas of life. He also has an affinity with children, as he himself often retains a childlike innocence.

The Sixth House

This neat administrator, we shall call her the Celestial Secretary!  She is clean logical, analytical, and intelligent. She sits at her orderly desk – her hair in a bun, glasses perched on the end of her long, thin nose. Her eyes are brown and sharp and she fits neatly into her suit.  This is her world; her life is made of files, notes and orderly shelves. She is not married; love of the romantic kind has not ever been part of her world. She loves without passion and only that which she knows is clean and pure will receive her careful affections. There is a touch of the military in her demeanour, but she is not without soul, she knows that it is for the best that she demands such high standards, perfection even. This lady never rests - she does indeed live to work.  She is precise and thorough, breaking down that which does not work according to her standards and reconstructing it more to her liking.

Her room is white, furniture is sparse, no cushions or velvets here, just the bare essentials. She has no needs of her own. Regarding the planets, she is their PA – she organises those who reside with her she takes care of their routine and ensures that there is structure and order. She works hard. Diligently she takes care of all the planets that reside with her. They are her workmates, her comrades and she serves them as they serve her in ensuring that order and routine are strictly observed.  She makes sure that they receive the nutrition that they require on every level, intellectually and also systematically/biologically. There is no slacking here; those who live with her must live by her rules. She knows that efficiency is all that matters, both on an intellectual and physical level. If any planet dares to renegade or challenge her then they will feel the sharpness of her tongue as she verbally disembowels them and rids them of any superfluous immodesty.

Some planets are of course more compatible with the austerity and discipline of this house. Some however find the domain of the sixth house a little too exacting.

The Planets in the Sixth House:

Neptunehere tries so hard to please this celestial secretary. Continuously fearful and in internal chaos, he works and works, but often seems to get nowhere fast. However if the personality, this lady that heads this house, takes time to listen to his complaints and learn to be patient with him – then perhaps they can learn something from one another. Neptune can become diligent if allowed to work his own way – if he is not subjected to limitations or criticism regarding the way in which he approaches a task. Perhaps when he is left alone then he starts to feel free to work on a higher, more intuitive, level. In turn, our Secretary may begin to realize that perhaps divine order has as much a place in the universe as does man-made order.

Venus brings grace and harmony to this house. She may attempt to bring some femininity to the celestial PA – perhaps a touch of lipstick and perfume. Under Venus’s influence this prim lady of order and perfection may soften a little and may even enjoy her tasks as she learns that order is beauty and that which she accomplishes is a kind of service to harmony.

The Remaining Houses:

Now it seems that the images change, this was not a conscious decision on my part, but a natural evolution. From this point, the seventh house, it seems that as we become more consciously aware and the environments in the houses are experienced by ourselves on a more complex level.  Perhaps as we become more developed, then our experiences in the houses and what we discover there reflect that inner growth.  Instead of being passive on-lookers we seem to interact more directly with the environment presented to us.

The Seventh House

Self surely meets self here. There is no other entity but ourselves, alone and calling for true connection with another soul. But this is the hall of mirrors. Like the circus mirrors, when we enter this domain we do not see ourselves, but another version of ourselves. We recognise that which we see, but know that it is a part of us that perhaps we do not easily connect with. These images may be distorted slightly perhaps, but not necessarily any less beautiful and we are helplessly drawn to them, desperately hoping that we will find solace in merging with our other self. The journey to this hall may be long and arduous. We seek to find that which we hope will make us complete. We journey from the first to the seventh, one that takes us through the houses and arrive here, formed to a certain extent, and ready to develop further by connecting with the outside world through union with another.

We may become lost as the winding paths of the seventh house deceive us as to what is real and what is illusion and also we deceive ourselves as to what it is we really see. When we first encounter this domain, we are captivated by the images. Flashes of light draw us into the maze and we run from mirror to mirror, clasping the images shown to us to our hearts without fear or discernment.  When we eventually recognise that this is not reality and that we are not experiencing inner harmony, we become disillusioned and angry, in our pain we may shatter the mirror, or it may break of its own accord, as, a little like Tinkerbelle in Peter Pan, its fragile existence is dependant upon receiving our love and faith. 

One obstacle we must overcome before we can progress to the higher areas of this house, as it certainly has more than one level, is to begin to understand that we have to address our need to control that which is outside of ourselves. The reflection in the mirror may represent a part of us, but it is separate and has a will of its own.  We must also come to understand that what we give is received, perhaps in a different form – but it is still that same energy.  We cannot, no matter how hard we try, extinguish our desire to be bonded to another and that in itself brings fear and insecurity.  Images we come to love can dissolve and the reflections in the mirror can even appear to be our enemies – even though they are simply parts of ourselves that we cannot internally resolve or connect with constructively.

As time and experience deepen our understanding of this area of life, we learn to tread more carefully. As the shards of glass that litter the floor from the broken mirrors serve to remind us of the possibility of further pain and loss.  Yet we do not give up, we persevere seeking our true reflection. It can take many visits to this area of our chart before we recognise that we must first be complete within ourselves before we can see ourselves clearly and understand what we wish to accept and what we wish to transform with regards to ourselves. Then and only then will our pure self will be reflected back to us and the complete image of our other self/selves be shown to us. This image will show what it is we need from another person, so that we can continue our journey onward with love, support and harmony.

The planets that reside in this house are the ‘owners of the mirrors’ – the mirrors carry their planetary essence and so create the images that are coloured by their influence.

The planet stands behind us whilst we look in their mirror and whisper their message in our ear and it is this that changes our perspective. The mirror shows us a facet of ourselves in the reflection.  The cosmic tailor influencing us - fitting us with what we think makes us complete. Perhaps his job is actually to show what it is that will bring to us the realisation, and the lesson, that we are incomplete -  so that we will be driven to look further into ourselves for true fulfilment and wholeness.

The Planets in the Seventh House:

Saturn: When he stand behind us and we look in the mirror he shows to us that part of ourselves which desires conventional and stable connections within cooperative partnerships. He creates an image that is ramrod straight, serious and conventional. The image is reflective of the individuals desire to be respected and supported by the partner.  In the mirror is the message that stability is tantamount and is perhaps more important than physical beauty, affection or passion.

Jupiter: Shows to us that part of ourselves which desires to connect with our own inner joy, our own abundance.  The image shown here is one of happiness, abundance – a loving and warm image full of life and vitality. The image that Jupiter brings enriches, broadens, he brings a sense of justice, of fairness. The joy and positivity shown here gives to us the understanding that we need to find another to connect with so that we can explore life on all levels – thereby ultimately exploring ourselves and growing to understand our own need for expansion, healthy morals and inner joyfulness.

The Eighth House

The dark rocky entrance draws us in as we venture into the deep dark realms of the eighth house. Narrow passages and damp walls lead us to a huge chamber lit with flaming torches. In the centre is a huge, dark, still lake.  A cloaked figure, sits at the edge of the lake, hunched over. He is so still that he seems to be made of rock himself and indeed looks as though he has sat, staring into these watery depths, for an eternity. The atmosphere is tense. There is an element of intense fear, combined with a definite undercurrent of excitement – a sense of something as yet undiscovered lurking in the depths of the lake.

He moves slowly round towards us and we see his face, as pale as alabaster glowing in the dark. His eyes are concealed beneath his dark hood, but somehow we know that they contain all the secrets of the world. They know and see all that is hidden away in the recesses of our minds and hearts and this makes us feel uneasy. We are violated somehow, stripped of our defences. But he is not evil this Keeper of the Inner Caves – he is power, pure power and his essence is undiluted, potent. He is immortal.  He is neutral however and understands that he holds the tools that enable Mankind to develop beyond that which he can comprehend. He is, in fact, the embodiment of our power. In one pocket of his gown – he carries the elixir of life and in the other - a poison that can kill. He allows us to choose which we will use on others and we are free to share either potion with our fellow man as we choose.

The figure moves slightly, as if he has seen something. He reaches deep into the pocket of his cloak and brings out his hand clutching a small object. We cannot see what it is and this makes us even more wary.  Is it the elixir of life or the poison? It is neither. He raises his hand and as he does so we see another figure sitting next to him, hidden in the shadows – but who is it?

As the flaming torches grow suddenly higher, we realise that there are other figures around the lake, ten in total and that they are the planets that reside with him. Quietly and with reverence they also gaze into the murky depths.  This water is not the soft lake of the fourth or the eternal realms of the twelfth, but comes from a deeper source.

The Planets in the Eighth House:

The figure next to the Keeper of the Inner Caves holds out his hand and takes what he has offered him. Strangely enough as we peer into the gloom we can just see that it is a pin – a sharp pin. We see that it is Mars who has taken this from the hooded figure. He pricks his finger and lets one single drop of blood fall into the lake.  At once the lake begins to boil and bubble. It becomes hot and steam fills the chamber. As this happens we see that Mars, suddenly and with great courage, reaches into the lake to retrieve something.  We cannot know what it is – only that it is his Truth and even though he may be a little burned by the boiling waters of the lake, it is a small price to pay for deeper understanding.

Mars passes the pin to the next figure.  Venus takes it and does the same, one drop of blood into the water. Musky perfume fills the air and the atmosphere is one of intense desire. Sighing she steps into the water merging with the lake, becoming one with the essence that is. When she emerges she has changed, she is wiser, more mysterious somehow and has a look of implicit understanding regarding matters of the body and soul.

The Ninth House

We walk up a steep green hill to the top where we find a huge wooden door. It swings open to reveal a wide expanse stretching for miles into the distance. Rolling green hills, gently swaying trees, soft blue sky and warm sunshine welcome us.  We step through the door onto a wide path.  Ahead of us we can see a small figure, carrying a large stick, he has long flowing white hair and is dressed in green.  He turns and waves us on, smiling; he motions for us to follow him on the path. We walk through this pleasant land. Trees blow in the breeze, birds sing and it seems that there is an air of joy in this place.  Up high in the sky we see what we think are birds. We squint into the sunlight and we see that they in fact are winged men, almost angels, but different somehow, they are more human. They circle high above, occasionally swooping gracefully down to the ground before returning to the sky. 

We can hear the rushing sound of what we think is a river, which we can see ahead. Upon coming closer however, we discover that it is not water that flows, but millions upon millions of words – words that represent man’s thoughts. We realise that it is not water we can hear but the ebb and flow of a billion voices merging into one sound. These are the highest thoughts of Mankind – the countless words of wisdom given by God and spoken through Man. Blessings and revelations uttered by a million souls from the beginning of time.

A rainbow fills the sky as we are guided by our new friend towards a forest. This rainbow seems to lead beyond the forest and the winged men seem to be attracted to whatever it is that lays at the end of its beautiful spectrum of colour and light. They swoop across the sky to merge with it.

We enter the cool green forest, struggling slightly to keep up with our guide who ahead merges with the leaves of the trees. The smell of the forest is soothing and cooling and despite our long journey we begin to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  Sunlight glints through the trees and we see that there is a clearing ahead. The air becomes warmer and as we come closer we see that it is not sunlight that is creating this heat, but a wall of flame. We enter the clearing and see it towering before us - it stretches upwards for as far as we can see. Despite the enormity of the flames, the heat is more than bearable; it is gentle even and seems to bring to us a sense of peace and an inner clarity.

Our guide motions for us to sit upon the grass some way away from the wall of fire, at the edge where we can see either side of the burning wall.  The atmosphere is friendly and loving. There is a sense that we are witnessing something profoundly meaningful. Our guide tells us that this is the fire of Truth and that there is soon to be a baptism.  We see that next to us a small crowd has gathered.  Instinctively we recognise that they are the planets - all ten of them are here. Saturn is here with his grey cloak and serious expression, Neptune in blue chiffon gazes dreamily at the wall of flames. Pluto furrows his brow and peers suspiciously into the fire. Mars tries to push his way into the front of the crowd but Venus gently places him back in the middle.

The Planets in the Ninth House:

Our guide motions for them one by one to enter the flame. 

The Moon is first. She, pale and hesitant, steps gently into the flame. The fire seems to cool slightly and the flames turn a gentle blue. We cannot see her for a few moments, but then she emerges from the wall, slowly at first and then steps quickly onto the grass. She smiles gently and is applauded. She is changed – she is more expressive, her emotions are somehow stronger, warmer, powered by the energy of the flames. She looks around her and eventually finds a place on a small hill where she sits and gazes down at her surroundings, her large eyes absorbing everything.  Her children run to her, she hugs them and then she lets them free to they explore all that they can.  The atmosphere is softened and sensitised by her presence and a sense of calmness fills the air.

Uranus, excited and animated moves toward the flame and leaps in without ceremony. The fire sparks and spits as he emerges from the other side.  He has lost none of his enthusiasm; in fact he seems more animated if at all possible.  He smiles and waves to everyone, picks up a small bag and walks quickly into the distance, beyond the clearing to lands previously unconquered.

The Tenth House

We find ourselves in a grey, grey land.  The skies are cloudy and the atmosphere oppressive. As we begin to walk across this desolate landscape, we see that it is littered with dry bones. We instinctively understand that these are the remnants of those that failed – the ones that gave up on their quest.  Uncomfortable, but nevertheless determined, we make our way to the only object that breaks up the bleak horizon, a huge grey tower that looms in the distance.  We know that we must go to it, that it is our mission.

As we approach the tower, we see that it is so high that the top of it is hidden in the clouds, beyond our vision. We reach the huge iron door, this in itself looks imposing. But we are anxious to escape from the no man’s land. We push the creaking door open wide and step in.  Feeling safer we look around, in front of us is a stair case, with and iron balustrade.  We begin to climb, at first quickly, eager to move upwards, but soon we begin to tire and our knees begin to ache from the climb.

As we move upwards, we see that our surroundings begin to brighten a little. Pockets of light coming from tiny windows help us find our way and we see that we are no longer treading upon smooth wood but thin carpet. More comfortable now, we continue our ascent hopeful that the conditions will continue to improve.

The Planets in the Tenth House:

Suddenly the staircase divides, not into two but ten smaller ones. Bemused and more than a little exhausted, we stop and look around us. We have no idea which one to take or which one leads to the top. We want to move on to escape the dreariness below.  In the shadows we see a slight movement.  He steps out, dressed in purple velvet and smiles benevolently at us – he is Jupiter. He shows us one of the staircases. It’s obviously his – it’s covered with thick red carpet and beautiful wall-hangings adorn the walls. The steps are at a gentle slope and so are easy to climb.  Jupiter explains that if he walks with us up his own stairs, then our journey to the top may be a little easier. As long as we do not forget that Saturn is still Lord and Master of this domain and he demands much hard work before success is guaranteed, then Jupiter can help us on our way up.

We are suddenly drawn to a bright light as the Sun steps out of the shadows. He lights our way toward his staircase which is gold and bright yellow. He explains that his way is helpful as long as ego does not come before dedication. He reminds us that we must allow ourselves to shine without forgetting others may need our help - otherwise we may find our way blocked by the light itself which will blind us and slow progress.

We climb onwards; each taking a staircase that we feel resonates with our own personal energies.

We all converge at the top floor and see that we are above the clouds. Our surroundings are salubrious and can be likened to a Gentlemen’s Club.  Leather armchairs and brocade wall paper greet us and the air smells slightly of expensive cigars and aftershave.  Sitting in the largest of the armchairs is a dignified gentleman. He has a pleasant but nevertheless, slightly stern, expression. He smiles and welcomes us in – he is dressed in a dark blue velvet smoking jacket and is obviously the owner of this club. He greets the planets and motions for them to sit with him. They claim their seats and make themselves comfortable, sipping port and talking quietly amongst themselves. The atmosphere is calm, it possesses a kind of relaxed dignity and we feel safe and protected here. We have made it and we are far away from the poverty and harshness below. In fact, if we look out of the windows we can just see through the small breaks in the clouds, down to that grey land below us. Although we feel very safe, we can’t help but shudder at the thought that if we are not careful we could still fall - back to where we came from.

The Eleventh House

We walk up a narrow stone path and enter an enormous white building. The door opens and we find ourselves in a large hall. It is white with huge tall windows that allow the sunlight to stream in.  It is a peaceful place - light, cool, smooth and clean.  We are greeted by a group of men, all wearing white gowns. They are tall austere, dispassionate, quiet, but still gentle and kindly in their manner.   Strangely enough they all have blue eyes that change with the light – one minute they are deep dark blue like the depths of the ocean, the next sparkling aquamarine.

When we look into their eyes, it is as if something lies behind their gaze that is much more than just human emotion - a different kind of understanding or intelligence.  There is also something else unusual about these men, they appear to be solid and yet seem to float rather than walk. They seem to be part of reality as we see it, but they are somehow separate, they are somewhere between human and spirit.   In fact this world that we are in seems to be somewhere between reality and dreams.  We can hear the men speaking quietly amongst themselves. Then we realise that they are not actually speaking, we are hearing their thoughts, their method of communication. It’s is as if they have one voice and yet they are still separate. They realise that we can hear them and tell us that they are the United Brotherhood and that it is their mission to connect humanity with itself. They must create a link between all individual human beings so that Cosmic order is maintained and that humanity works together to help elevate and improve the race as a whole, to bring to Mankind a higher understanding. Man must realise that he is part of the whole, of the group and as such must learn to relinquish personal desire. Through this understanding he can ensure that humankind functions not only as a singular self-orientated being but as a part of all that is.

They welcome us further into the hall, which is empty apart from doorways around the edge. The doors are closed and so we cannot tell what is behind them.  We move to the centre of the hall and the men stand back patiently waiting for us to settle.

They explain that although each man is an individual spark of light with hopes dreams and wishes of his own, he is part of a soul group, all of which have different methods of connection and interaction.

There are ten doorways and each doorway leads down a long corridor to a room. In each room lies a different experience. The sights sounds and atmosphere of each of the ten rooms are individual within themselves, but each room is connected to this central hall. Like spokes on a wheel this hall is the hub and represents the centre of the wheel, the heart and mind of humanity. The United Brotherhood are the carers of this dimension. There is no judgement here and no limitation as to what any being is able to become. Any man is allowed to become whatever he chooses to be and he finds this identity through interacting with others, through connecting with the group consciousness that resides within whichever room that he is drawn to and resonates with. He gains a sense of self – a greater understanding of his place in the universe through connecting with others through many forms of personal connections, ones that stimulate and educate him, but also that allow him the freedom to develop within himself. The form which these experiences take depends upon which room each individual gravitates towards and the level upon which they are able to experience what is presented there to them.

The Planets in the Eleventh House:

We are lead through the nearest doorway. It is cool and the light is soft and gentle and we feel safe and protected as we walk down the corridor and into a softly lit room.  We enter the womblike chamber and see many people sitting, talking and touching one another, gently and without any sense of neediness. The Moon herself resides as the Queen of this domain and mothers all that choose to become part of her group. She sits and watches from a chair in the corner of the room, but does not directly interact with her group. The aim of this gathering is for those that experience it to find sustenance from others without forsaking personal freedom, to develop emotional strengths that will benefit humanity as a whole and not just their inner circle or immediate family – to retain a high level of sensitivity and ability to care without it being purely personal.

The next doorway is warm to the touch and we walk down a red corridor toward the chamber. This is a large room and how different it is from the Moons room! Men and women laugh and fight here. Swords are drawn as they battle good naturedly with one another. Physical contact here is rough and tumble – not the nurturing connections experienced within the Moon’s group. Mars sits, sword at his side watching his group members. They are energetic, active and playful, but they don’t harm one another – for this is not the aim of any of these chambers. Here, the occupant’s mission is to discover their courage and bravery. It is for them to learn how to direct their strengths towards working in the best interests of others, to protect the weak and to help the strong and good to overthrow the cruel and heartless.

The Twelfth House

This house is almost beyond description, as we are limited by words. We walk to the edge – the edge of what? I’m not sure. We are falling, falling. We all find ourselves in the sea. We are underwater merging with the waves and current, we are swept up and down by this undulating mass.  But we feel strangely calm despite the movement of the sea and soon we are a mass of tangled limbs and water. After a while we are so disorientated we do not know where we begin and where others end – we are one with each other and the water.  We are safe though and we know that we will only drown if we fear the water. We instinctively understand that what we are experiencing is a representation of ourselves, our soul, our unconscious, of God of everything. It has no beginning and no end and so therefore we cannot be extinguished if we are part of it.  

We look up to the sky and see that it is also water; it’s a mere reflection of the sea. There is nothing else and we feel strangely free as the movement of the water slows down. In fact, the less we move the stiller it becomes. The more we accept the water, the kinder it is to us. We allow ourselves to float gently on the waves, weightless, timeless and gently suspended. However we are also aware that this is a transitional state and that we are waiting for something – but what? We allow ourselves to sleep, to drift and dream and to relinquish all control all conscious thought. True freedom is found within this nothingness – this vast ocean.

We are woken by a gentle nudging – it is a dolphin – a water angel! Each of us is greeted by a dolphin’s smile and we follow them as they begin to swim towards a bright light that has appeared on the horizon. As we swim gently toward the light we see that circling it are winged angels. They are beautiful, perfect, and translucent. We are mesmerised and feel as though we are transforming into pure light ourselves – merging with all that we see.  But are we integrating or disintegrating? Are we becoming the light or is the light becoming us?

We enter into the light and see that the sea divides the ocean splits.  Upon the entrance to each ocean sits a planet resplendent upon its throne. We are each guided by the current towards one of the oceans. We feel that we are making no conscious effort to direct ourselves, but if we and the ocean are one then we are surely in control of our destiny.

The Planets in the Twelfth House:

The Ocean of Plutois dark with undercurrents that try to pull us down, beyond that which we feel we cannot survive. As we swim, we struggle trying to stay on the surface of the ocean, but find that the power of the currents too much for us. Fear is with us and whispers in our ears and this makes us struggle even harder.  Pluto guides us and if we listen to him, we will realise that he is our own inner voice. He will tell us to let go – to relinquish control and allow ourselves to be submerged – to visit the darkest parts of our souls so that our consciousness may illuminate that which has been hidden. Memories of the past can no longer hurt when we swim with them willingly and accept their messages. If we can let go of our need to control then memories of past incarnations may be revealed to us – of a powerful soul who reaped either profound good or used his power to destroy both himself and others.

The ocean of Mercury. The waves are changeable and the flow of the water is fast. One moment we can see to the bottom of the ocean with great clarity, the next we are confused. The water is cloudy, there is no intuitive sense to help guide us and we are swimming through fog.  However, if we learn to tune into the cosmic mind and to let go of our own subjective ideas, then we will be free to develop our mind further than we ever thought possible. Then perhaps we will understand the Cosmic order with regards existence and also regarding our past incarnations.  This knowledge can then be assimilate into our present incarnation and utilised for the good of others.

The planets ask us to look deep into ourselves, our past, everything that we have and can still be. This is our immortal self and yet, paradoxically, the energies present in this house can also destroy us in a subtle but nevertheless powerful way. Perhaps this is simply to provoke resurrection. To bring to us the opportunity for rebirth, to become something that is a higher representative of that which we are, a truer version of our authentic soul-selves.  Once we leave our ocean, then we must choose from two paths – one leads to rebirth in the tangible world. The other is into the unknown, the spiritual realms and this path will bring to us new experiences will that alter us forever.


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Moon Signs

The Moon sign is one aspect of astrology that many of us are unfamiliar with. Most of us know which zodiac sign our Sun is in, but not our Moon sign.

Our Moon sign governs our inner selves, our emotions and our intuition. You will find a selection of articles above which will give you further information on this subject.

Amanda Holden and her Moon Sign (photo: Mike Daines)

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Moon-Sign Launch - October 1st at Morton's Club in Mayfair.
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Introduction to Astrology

Astrology has been used by man for thousands of years.  Today astrology is re-emerging and is being accepted as a powerful tool, one that can help clarify and bring greater understanding to our complex and sometimes difficult lives.

An astrologer uses the birth chart as a guide to help the client. This is essentially a map of the sky, a snapshot that shows us where the planets were placed at the moment of your birth. The chart provides us with a blueprint of your individual personality. The birth chart not only looks at the personality, but also at the external life. It works on the basis that the internal energies present are reflected in the outer or external world.

Astrology used with integrity and respect can provide information which can help those who are in need of guidance and support. By providing insights into our emotions, personality, relationships and life direction, astrology can help us understand our deeper selves, enabling us to work towards fulfiling our highest potential.


The Moon Sign Diet

What you need to know to create a happier, healthier future...

Your Moon sign rules your emotions and inner needs. However, what you probably don't know is that your Moon sign also influences your eating habits. Knowing what your Moon sign is can help you understand the emotional patterns behind your relationship with food.

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Moon Sign Forecast

We've all looked at our horoscopes (Sun sign forecast) in the newspapers, but what about our Moon sign forecast ...

Sharon Ward has created a monthly Moon sign forecast column which gives the influences that will be affecting your personal Moon sign for the month ahead.

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