What is a Moon Sign?

While many are familiar with their Sun signs, they are often less knowledgeable about their Moon sign.

The Moon sign is the area of the zodiac that the Moon was in at the time of your birth. It governs the emotional, sympathetic and compassionate part of ourselves and helps us to understand what we need to feel whole and complete.

It is the combination of your Moon sign with your Sun sign that can help provide a detailed insight into your inner self. As Sharon says,

"The Moon sign is something that I believe will bring to people a sense of who they really are. I want everyone to understand that they are so much more than just their Sun sign. Our Sun sign represents the consciousness and the ego, whilst our Moon sign reveals who we are on a deeper, emotional level. The understanding of this innermost part of ourselves can completely change our perspective on life."

The Moon sign is one aspect of astrology that many of us are unfamiliar with. Most of us know where our Sun sign is, but not our Moon sign. If you want to know where your Moon sign is, go to the Moon Sign Calculator on this page.

Our Moon sign governs our inner selves, our emotions and our intuition. You will find a selection of articles above which will give you further information on this subject.


What does your Moon sign mean?


Emotionally courageous, impetuous responses, quick tempered, inwardly passionate, internally competitive.


Stubborn, straightforward responses, intuitively creative, loyal, warm-hearted, possessive, patient.


Adaptable, emotionally intelligent, intuitive, communicative, lively, nervous, changeable, inquisitive.


Intuitive, emotionally imaginative, protective, changeable emotions, nostalgic, perceptive, self-protective.


Emotionally generous, passionate, intuitively creative, expansive, faithful, affectionate.


Internal perfectionism, modest, conservative, worrier, analytical, intuitively intelligent.


Balanced feelings, internally gentle, persuasive, innately romantic, charming, peaceable, gullible.


Emotionally powerful, enigmatic, inwardly determined, obsessive, intuitively perceptive, intense feelings.


Optimistic feelings, good-humoured, generous, innately honest, restless, freedom-loving.


Inwardly prudent, ambitious, innately disciplined, patient, careful, pessimistic, tenacious.


Honest expression of feelings, loyal, unpredictable, original responses, intuitively inventive, unconventional.


Highly sensitive, imaginative, selfless, other-worldly, inwardly compassionate, innately sympathetic, escapist.


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Recent clients' comments ...

“Thank you so much for the time, energy and wisdom you have given to me... Sharon, it is clear that you have a great and extraordinary skill and a gift and I will be recommending you to my network and friends.”
R.S., CEO Multimedia co., London, January 2011

“I shall be blunt and honest. Wow! You have got me spot on and even as a believer as it were, there was surprise at some of your findings... Thank you Sharon, really, amazingly accurate and you seem to know me deeply.”
M.F., Actor, London, January 2011

"Sharon is incredibly perceptive - her insight will astound you. I have never before consulted with an astrologer and I have to say that I am amazed at her accuracy. As a (previously) very sceptical London journalist,  I'm absolutely converted."
A.E., Journalist, London, December 2010