The Power of the Moon

Long ago, when Man first looked up to the sky in the dead of the night and pondered his fate, the Moon was the first celestial body that he called to for guidance.

Darkness has always bought an instinctive fear into Man’s soul and the light of the Moon serves as both guide and protector.  When we are lost, whether physically or spiritually, it is she, the Celestial Mother, who we turn to for help. Her soothing light bathes the world in a soft glow that brings solace to the souls and hearts of us all. Her gentle rhythm guides not only mankind, but also nature, as she holds power over the tides and water levels of the lakes and rivers, the fertility cycles of plants and animals and even the weather.  In the 1920’s, Rudolph Steiner, the spiritual philosopher, developed an agricultural system he called the Biodynamic Method.  This is an entirely natural and spiritually orientated way of growing and farming and much of it is centred upon planting and harvesting in accordance with the phases and movements of the Moon.  This is still used in certain parts of the world today - in fact, with the resurgence of our desire for natural living and for reconnection with spiritual energies, it is once again becoming very popular.

It was over 20,000 years ago that the first markings symbolising the phases of the Moon were found carved onto animal bones and tusks. Since the time of the Chaldean empire, which was in existence over eight thousand years ago, the power of the Moon has been acknowledged and honoured, both agriculturally and astrologically. Today, we still acknowledge her unwavering influence through our religious festivities.  The date on which Easter falls is altered each year by the Church to coincide with the phases of the Moon, it is always on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the spring equinox.

However, on a socio-psychological level, the Moon also has an effect upon certain groups of individuals.  The word lunatic comes from the French word for the Moon (Lune).  It seems that during a full Moon, those that suffer from mental instability are often negatively affected by her energy, which seems to exacerbate the mental imbalances, so increasing the initial discord.  Looking at this logically, it follows that if this celestial body affects water levels then, as the brain is 75% water, perhaps it is an actual physical pressure upon the brain that stimulates these responses from the already delicately balanced psyche. Some criminal activities also increase under the influence of a full Moon. Perhaps the criminal mind is also more fragile than that of law-abiding citizens!  Another interesting fact is that blood flow, (another fluid), is dramatically increased during a full Moon. It is believed that operations are better carried out at the time of a new Moon to lessen the chances of haemorrhage or excessive bleeding.   Medical practitioners taking care of mothers giving birth during a full Moon must take special care, as postpartum haemorrhages are a possibility.

The Moon has been used for many, many thousands of years to aid Mankind in the understanding of the workings of his own mind, body and soul.  Through nature and the cycle of life, she affects our outer world, but she also permeates our physical bodies.  However, her influence is more far reaching than simply physiological, as she sinks into our very cells, our souls cannot help but answer her call - we are every one of us, intrinsically attuned to her energy.

Astrologically, all of the planets on our solar system are used to define and explore the facets of the human psyche.  We are all familiar with our Sun or ‘Star’ sign, (Taurus, Scorpio etc..).  However, we all also have a Moon sign.  The Moon governs our inner, emotional selves, that part that we reveal only to those close to us, our families and loved ones. This luminary is also connected with our deeper soul energy and by examining the Moon in our birth charts, the zodiac sign it is found within and its connections with the other planets, we can see what unconscious habits and emotional responses we carry with us.  We can find the origins of these inner patterns from our early childhood, another area that the Moon has influence over, or even from past incarnations. Reincarnation is not something that everyone believes in. However it can prove to be a useful tool in the examining of uncharted parts of our psyche, or soul energy.  This celestial body also governs the intuition, and as the Moon has astrological connections with our physical stomach, so she is responsible for our ‘gut reactions’, those feelings that we cannot quite rationalise but find so often to be accurate and true.

As she nurtures life on earth, the Moon could be called the ‘Mother’ of the sky and this energy is reflected astrologically by her governing of our biological mother, the one who nurtures us. She also has influence over how we care for others and how well we nourish and care for ourselves as individuals.  By understanding the Moon on an astrological level, we can come to connect with parts of ourselves that have previously remained hidden in the shadows.  By learning about our inner emotional needs, what it is that serves us best within our environment and how to constructively express our desires to those close to us, we can find a renewed sense of harmony and peace within a fearless world.  Exposed to the light, the darkness no longer has any hold over us and we can bathe in the light of the Moon, secure in the knowledge that we are held and nourished by a kind, benevolent force and that we will grow strong under her healing light.  The development of this deep, inner security naturally stimulates spiritual growth, a strong and true intuition and an understanding of how we can provide genuine love and support to those around us, without fear of darkness or shadows.


Moon Signs

The Moon sign is one aspect of astrology that many of us are unfamiliar with. Most of us know which zodiac sign our Sun is in, but not our Moon sign.

Our Moon sign governs our inner selves, our emotions and our intuition. You will find a selection of articles above which will give you further information on this subject.

Amanda Holden and her Moon Sign (photo: Mike Daines)

Sharon Ward created the Moon Sign Jewellery concept in 2005. After joining with Catherine Best, the renowned jeweller, this concept became reality. The Moon Sign concept has inspired and enlightened the thousands of people who now wear their Moon Sign Jewellery piece with pride. To find out what your Moon Sign is just go to the calculator.

Catherine Best and Sharon Ward have now joined forces with The Born Free Foundation, the wildlife charity. Sales of the Moon Sign Jewellery will generate finds for this incredibly worthwhile charity. The slideshow below features the launch of the Moon Sign Jewellery in London on October 1st at Morton's Club in Mayfair. It was a wonderful evening, one that was enjoyed by all. Amanda Holden is an ambassador for the Moon Sign Jewellery and has been photographed wearing her very own Moon Sign pendant.

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Moon-Sign Launch - October 1st at Morton's Club in Mayfair.
(photos by See Li)

If you don't know what your Moon sign is go to the Moon Sign Calculator.


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Moon Sign Jewellery

Sharon Ward and Catherine Best have together created a stunning range of Moon sign jewellery. The proceeds from sales of the jewelllery go to the Born Free Foundation who works to support animals everywhere - ensuring that wildlife is kept in the wild

To view this range or to find out where your Moon sign is, go to


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