This is a brilliant poem written by a very good friend of mine!


A Wedding and two Funerals ... by Ann White

The Wedding

Thought is electric
Emotion magnetic,
Spirit is marrying Science,
and all of their subjects, now free to mingle,
are forming a grand new alliance.

Astronomy and Astrology are dancing together
and Feeling is flirting with Fact.
But poor old Religion is sat in the corner
‘cos everyone thinks he has cracked.

The Funerals

How faired Religion? He died of old age
and Wealthy was mighty surprised.
But ever adept, he turned up at the Wake
and sat next to Healthy and Wise.

Without his old friend, War started to flag,
the news spread from pillar to post.
He coughed and he spluttered he groaned and he muttered
before long he gave up the ghost.

Peace turned up in white, Misery looked a fright,
but nobody mourned him for long.
Hope and Contentment danced cheek to cheek
and Serenity burst into song.

But Wise was a-pondering over his beer,
with those two now gone from their perches.
What will we do with the places divine  -
the Mosques, the Cathedrals, the Churches?

Yet Art ambled over ‘Don’t worry your head –
Creative and I have a plan,
We’ll give them a lift and an emphasis shift -
To the glory of Woman and Man.’

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