Moon Sign Pendant Story

To own beautiful jewellery is a wonderful thing, to own wonderful jewellery is even better.  To own Catherine Best jewellery is a life-changing experience. To go one step further, imagine a range of jewellery that is unique and highly personal in that it represents a part of you – your inner self….The Moon sign pendant range is everything and more you could ever want in a piece of jewellery. (

Catherine Best and Astrologer Sharon Ward have combined their shared expertise to produce something incredibly unique.   A combining of creative design along with astrological techniques has produced a line of jewellery that caters for those that wish not only to be adorned by beautiful pieces, but also feel the need to connect with life on a deeper and emotionally meaningful level.

Catherine is a goldsmith of repute with regards to the Channel Islands, the UK and also worldwide.  She has studios in Guernsey and Jersey which offer many styles of jewellery, all exclusively designed and of the highest quality.  Catherine, through her designs, combines individuality with excellence, together with a radiance and beauty that is truly inspirational. Recently, just one of her clients was Lesley Garrett who wore her jewellery at an event for the Spinal Injury Trust. The piece was then auctioned to raise money for the Trust.   Apparently, Lesley was very reluctant to give it up! Sadie Frost is also an ardent fan of Catherine’s work, along with many other well-known celebrities.

Catherine has for a long time been interested in the spiritual aspects of life and our existence.  She works on a highly intuitive level and understands that her designs are a result of the combination of her natural talent and her connection with spiritual energies. She says ‘I know that when I design, I am not always fully aware or conscious of what I am actually drawing until it is completed.  I know that it is I who creates the designs, of course, but I also wonder whether I get a little spiritual ‘help’.

She recently lost a very dear friend who was both a mentor and a guide to her.   This lady was very psychic and extremely spiritual. This special lady gave Catherine a great deal of advice regarding her own spiritual path and how best to overcome some of the challenges that she had been facing.  ‘I felt lost without GT, as well as losing someone I loved deeply, I felt as though my direct connection with the spiritual energies had gone as well.  I was also frustrated in that I had grown and developed as a person, a truly spiritual individual and wanted to channel this newfound depth into my passion - my jewellery design – somehow.  I was not sure where to start. I began to study crystals and precious stones, their qualities and energies, to see if that was the direction I should be heading in.  However, without GT, her guidance and her words of wisdom, I felt unsure as to whether this was what I was meant to be doing.’

Life works in mysterious ways and someone, somewhere, must have heard Catherine’s cry for help. A short time after the death of GT, Sharon Ward, an experienced Astrologer, approached Catherine. Sharon has studied, worked with and also taught this fascinating subject for many years.  She holds a Diploma in Astrology and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. She has also had specialist articles published, with regards to general and also medical astrology and has held workshops both in Channel Islands and the UK.  She combines passion and a genuine connection with the spiritual aspects of astrology, together with a down to earth and realistic approach.  She is a member of a spiritual organisation and believes that motivation, purity of intent and absolute integrity are of the utmost importance with regard to both her life and also her work. 

Sharon: ‘I had been working for many years with astrology and received a great deal of pleasure from helping people to connect with and so understand themselves on a deeper level. I wanted, however, to bring other aspects of astrology to the public arena. I felt that it was time people understood that there is so much more to this ancient subject than simply the Sun sign.  I felt that it was time that the Moon sign got some publicity. We have, for a long time, forgotten that this part of astrology is equal in power to that of the Sun sign. As we each have a Sun sign, we also have a Moon sign and this will also be in of the zodiac signs, such as Taurus, Scorpio etc..   To know your Moon sign is to understand yourself and your innermost emotional needs.’

I knew that I wanted to create a Moon sign pendant range. I looked in the telephone book and made an appointment with the first jeweller that caught my eye. That jeweller, of course, was Catherine Best!

Sharon approached Catherine with a view to creating personalised jewellery with an astrological theme, specifically using each of the Moon signs incorporated within a range of pendants.  Sharon and Catherine had an immediate affinity and the result is that the combination of their very specialised skills produce beautiful and stunningly individual work.  They not only think alike and share similar beliefs, they are also very astrologically compatible – obviously an essential element when working with the planets!

Sharon says, `Jewellery is a universal language, we all recognise beauty and instinctively respond to precious metals and stones.   I feel there is no better medium with which to connect people to real astrology.’  Catherine is someone who is inspired by the idea of bringing real astrology into the lives of everyone and so together it seems that these two are the perfect partnership.  `Catherine is able to capture the energies of astrology and endow these pieces with real beauty and spiritual depth.  What is very strange is that I will often have conversations in dreams with Catherine and find out afterwards that it is all completely relevant to how she is thinking and feeling at that time. She has even shown me jewellery designs in these ‘dreams’, only to show them to me the next day!’

The Moon sign pendant range is the first theme in this new direction and this stunning pendant reveals to the wearer a great deal about their inner selves. To give someone one of these pendants as a gift is to show them that you understand them and connect with them in a very special way.  This jewellery is not only beautiful and very wearable, but is also very revealing to the recipient as Sharon has also written an interpretation of their Moon sign in the form of a written scroll, which is an enlightening insight into our innermost selves.   Sharon says, `Astrology can help us on so many levels and give a sense of who we really are personally, emotionally and with regard to what makes us genuinely happy and contented.’

There are also other ranges following the astrological theme, such as earrings and men’s cufflinks. These connect to different astrological energies and also come with a written piece.

The response to the Moon sign pendant range has been amazing and sales have steadily risen. You can calculate Moon signs for yourself or your loved ones using the Moon Sign Calculator on this page and then purchase these stunning pendants on-line at

Anyone who buys or receives Catherine’s and Sharon’s jewellery is not just buying a beautiful object, but will also be given a beautiful and intriguing insight into their own selves.  



Your Astrologer

Sharon Ward is a qualified astrologer and writer with over twenty years' experience. She holds a Diploma in Astrology and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International.

Please note: Due to a high workload, Sharon is unfortunately unable to take on any new clients for the present time.

Sharon Ward

Above are a selection of articles, all of which have been written by Sharon. These will help you understand what astrology is and how it can help you in your quest for personal progress. Some of the articles are written with other astrologers in mind and some have been written to help those of you who wish to discover more about this fascinating subject.





Moon Signs

The Moon sign is one aspect of astrology that many of us are unfamiliar with. Most of us know which zodiac sign our Sun is in, but not our Moon sign.

Our Moon sign governs our inner selves, our emotions and our intuition. You will find a selection of articles above which will give you further information on this subject.

Amanda Holden and her Moon Sign (photo: Mike Daines)

Sharon Ward created the Moon Sign Jewellery concept in 2005. After joining with Catherine Best, the renowned jeweller, this concept became reality. The Moon Sign concept has inspired and enlightened the thousands of people who now wear their Moon Sign Jewellery piece with pride. To find out what your Moon Sign is just go to the calculator.

Catherine Best and Sharon Ward have now joined forces with The Born Free Foundation, the wildlife charity. Sales of the Moon Sign Jewellery will generate finds for this incredibly worthwhile charity. The slideshow below features the launch of the Moon Sign Jewellery in London on October 1st at Morton's Club in Mayfair. It was a wonderful evening, one that was enjoyed by all. Amanda Holden is an ambassador for the Moon Sign Jewellery and has been photographed wearing her very own Moon Sign pendant.

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Moon-Sign Launch - October 1st at Morton's Club in Mayfair.
(photos by See Li)

If you don't know what your Moon sign is go to the Moon Sign Calculator.