Monthly Moon Sign Forecast - February 2014

We’ve all looked at our Sun sign forecast from time to time in the local or national newspapers. However, there is so much more to astrology that just this one aspect. Our Moon sign is equally as important and it’s extremely helpful to look at how the planets are influencing our Moon sign during any time period. Once we know what’s influencing our Moon sign and when it will affect us, then we can develop a deeper understanding of our innermost needs. We can then express those needs to the outer world - this is how we find true happiness and fulfilment.  I’ve created a Moon sign column that gives the influences that will be affecting your personal Moon sign for the month ahead.

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 Moon in Aries
The beginning of this month brings a little friction regarding close relationships. You may feel as though someone close to you is trying to provoke an argument, or at least stir up what you feel would be best left alone. Try as you might, you will most likely find that you just can’t seem to get through to the person concerned. The best solution is to wait until after the 15th and then tackle the issues directly. From the 18th onwards, words will flow with ease and you’ll have the chance to get exactly what you want.  

Moon in Taurus
Venus in Capricorn may be bringing harsh reality to your life right now. Try as you might, you just can’t seem to get away with anything. Life demands hard work, combined with a cautious and realistic approach. There’s no escape so you may as well make the best of it. So, you must make sure that you’re not desperately gazing at the clouds whilst all descends into chaos around you. The more work you put in now the more you’ll get back.
Moon in Gemini
You may have started the New Year with the sense that you have some work to do, that something has to shift this year. Lat year may have ended with you feeling that you missed something, that something passed you by. Mercury, your Moon ruler, is in Aquarius from the 13th February and this will bring to you a sense that you want to break free from the past, move on from the old and experience a new mindset, one that will take advantage of every opportunity.

Moon in Cancer
You have worked hard lately to build a both a stable present reality and also a good future for yourself and your loved ones. Right now though, you're beginning to realise that we all create our own reality. It also seems that anything that doesn’t feel right is your sole responsibility to correct, for the immediate time being at least. The Sun into Pisces on the 19th will elevate your consciousness, allowing you to look at the bigger picture and expanding your spiritual understanding.

Moon in Leo
The Sun, your Moon ruler, moving through Aquarius until the 18th will bring to you ample opportunities for freedom of expression within close relationships. The Sun moving into Pisces on the 19th will lead you towards situations and people that support you in your quest for deeper understanding, both with regards yourself and others.  Don’t turn away from what might be painful or uncomfortable, embrace what you are being shown and you will then be able to let go of old wounds.

Moon in Virgo
If you insist on trying to change your external world you may well find that you put a lot of energy into situation or projects that simply don’t give you back what you feel you need.  From the 13th February, Mercury, your Moon sign ruler, will inspire you to think along new lines. You will be innovative in your approach to internal issues that you know need resolution. Don’t be afraid to try new ways of thinking and also new areas of study may well appeal to you.

Moon in Libra
You have recently overcome obstacles and dealt with issues that your gentle Moon in Libra may well have inclined you to run away from in the past. Congratulate yourself and realise that as a result of past experiences you are a stronger and wiser individual. Venus in Capricorn at the moment may bring back to you some echoes from the past – you may have to stay strong and also let others know that they also have to take responsibility for past situations.

Moon in Scorpio
Its time to let go of the past and move on towards a future, one which allows for compassion and forgiveness.  That doesn’t just apply to other people, but indeed to yourself as well. You have been a little prone to self-accusation recently and really do know how to give yourself a hard time. You are on the brink of great change, so start as you mean to go on and immerse yourself in life without fear or self-imposed limitations.

Moon in Sagittarius
A sense of destiny permeates your world this month and a feeling that you want to progress, to move towards a higher state of being. You may find yourself drawn towards new people or places in your search for a new sense of self. The past will no longer have any hold over you as you move towards the future with optimism and faith.  In fact, the steeper the path the better, as you aim to move upwards and away from what has until recently held you back.

Moon in Capricorn
This month the emphasis is on karma and relationships. Now these are two pretty serious areas of life at the best of times, but even more so when combined. Essentially what is happening now is that Saturn, your Moon ruler and the Lord of Karma, is weighing up your past actions over the past few years and what you have given will truly come back to you. If you have been diligent, solid, reliable and responsible, then this will be shown to you by the behaviour and actions of those close to you.

Moon in Aquarius
Mercury and the Sun in your Moon sign for the first part of this month heighten both your desire and indeed your ability to shine, to be recognised for the amazing individual that you are. You will also find that previously complex or seemingly insurmountable problems are easily solved using your sharp and intellectually innovative mind.  Life will indeed come together if you are willing to step outside of the box.

Moon in Pisces
For the time being, there may be a short period of adjustment coming up for you. You may find that situations and circumstances that seemed to be set in stone are slowly shifting, changing subtly, but nevertheless affecting the very core of your existence. It’s as if certain parts of your life are dissolving or floating away from you. Just accept what’s happening, don’t try to control or block these changes. The Sun into your Moon sign on the 18th will bring opportunities for healing yourself and others.





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