The Moon Sign Diet

Let your Moon sign lead to way to shedding those unwanted pounds and giving you a healthier lifestyle. Forget all those other diets - use the ancient art of astrology to bring you the knowledge you really need to transform yourself.

Diets based on our Sun signs are not new news as, for many years there have been articles and books published that advise us as to which kind of food is best for us in accordance with our Sun sign.  But, if we look into astrology a little more deeply, we find that it is the Moon that is connected with the stomach and parts of the digestive system and it is this which holds the key to giving you that slim and healthy body you have always wanted.

Sharon Ward holds a special interest in medical astrology, she enjoys investigating as to how Moon signs can affect our health.
“Astrology works on the premise that when you are emotionally balanced and happy then you are physically well and healthy and vice versa.  Medical astrology holds the key to re-balancing our bodily systems and bringing to us a greater sense of health and well being. We each have a Moon sign, just as we have a Sun sign. The Moon governs the inner self and the emotions and as we often use food as a response to life’s stresses and strains, it makes sense to find out where our weaknesses lie and what types of food are best for us according to our Moon Sign.”

Most of us don’t know which sign our Moon is in. To find out what your Moon sign is go to the Moon Sign Calculator on this page and at a touch of a button you will find out! 

Once you know what your Moon sign is click on the correct tab below and this will take you to your personal Moon sign section. This. will tell you all about your inner personality, eating habits and what you can do to recreate your reality and build a happier, healthier future.

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Aries Moon Sign

Your inner personality

Arian Moons are actually very sensitive and feel everything very intensely. If you are under the influence of this sign, when it comes to emotions, there are no half measures!  You’re never just a little bit happy, you’re ecstatic, if you’re sad, you’re inconsolable in your misery and when you’re angry – well, we won’t even go there.  Your moods can change very quickly, but however you are feeling, you are fuelled by passionate emotional responses. Charging ahead impatiently, you are forever trying through constant activity to find emotional fulfilment and the feeling that you are achieving something.  You are inwardly competitive and although you may try to keep that part of yourself hidden from others, it is still one of your intense emotional focuses. You find it very hard to slow down and can feel very restless or downright trapped if you are forced to stop - or even if you have to slow down a bit.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

As you suffer from extremes of emotions, you may use food to blunt their effect upon you, to distract you from your sometimes overwhelming feelings. You are also naturally impatient and so if you feel blocked in some way and can’t get to where you want to be in life, you might use food to stem the feelings of frustration. Also, as you are on the go all the time, it can be pure boredom in your case – so go for a walk!

Astrology looks at the whole of the person and understands that what is within our minds is reflected in our physical health. Our psychological patterns reflect the way in which our bodies respond to the stresses and strains of life. You respond to the demands of life very quickly, you are always in a hurry and therefore don’t give yourself time to eat the right foods at the right time.  You may eat too much of the wrong kinds of food, or skip meals completely.  Those excess calories may well be burned off through your constantly active life-style, but irregular eating patterns mean that you risk upsetting the delicate balance of your metabolism. This Moon Sign is associated with the planet Mars, which governs energy levels, the immune system, the blood and it’s iron content. If you don’t take good care of yourself and slow down, then your digestive system can’t function at it’s best and you could suffer from lowered energy levels, fevers and even headaches – all symptoms of ‘burn-out’. 

What you need to change and why

A blood cleansing diet is an excellent way to rid yourself of any unwanted toxins floating around your system that may be creating problems. That means eliminating all junk food and ready meals and eating raw fruit and vegetables.  The main thing is to plan ahead and eat slowly, to give your stomach time to digest your food properly. Unless you are a strict vegetarian, don’t avoid meat or fish as you need the protein to give you energy and also to keep up your iron levels.  Other foods that I can recommend are bread and maize, as they often have folic acid added to them and this helps the body absorb iron.

To absorb iron from your food you need good levels of vitamin B12 as well as folic acid, so if you are lacking energy, get your GP to test your iron levels. If you find that your iron levels are low, your doctor may give you a supplement.

If you do feel lethargic and lacking in energy, certainly add hot spices and herbs, such as cayenne pepper and chillies to your food. However, if you are suffering from rashes, headaches or any inflammation, that’s a sign that you’re feeling angry about something and need to literally ‘cool down’.  It’s best to avoid ‘overheating’ your body any further, so stick to non spicy, natural, flavourings. Try to avoid salt though. Also whatever you do, avoid caffeine, as this may raise the blood pressure and/or create headaches – it also increases adrenaline which could make you a little irritable.

A new way forward

Stop rushing around! Moon Arians try to do everything now. Take a good look at your life, think about your goals and ambitions. Are they realistic and are you actually enjoying working towards them, or has life become just one big rush, with no time for you to stop and enjoy the view.  Of course, you need aims and goals, they are what keep you feeling alive. However, make sure that there is a balance here and you are not just moving forward as quickly as possible because you are afraid of stopping still.

You are very impatient and that never truer than when it comes to eating. Try to focus on what is happening at the moment in question. If you are wound up or angry, your digestion won’t be able to do its job properly, so make sure that you are calm and focused when you sit down to eat. Deep breathing exercises will also help calm you and enable you to think more clearly about what you are doing.

Taurus Moon Sign

You inner personality

You’re a loving and sensuous earth Moon Sign. You love to be loved and have a strong need for stability and routine in your life.   You are solid and dependable and are always a firm friend and family member, but you can find life hard if changes are forces upon you. You don’t like complications or chaos, you like life to be quiet and simple. You need to know where you are at all times, especially regarding material and financial matters.  You love luxurious, quality goods. Above all, you appreciate beauty in whatever form it takes and if it’s beautiful and expensive then all the better!

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

You adore food, wine and anything even remotely expensive or luxurious. You are perhaps not the most active of the Moon Signs, preferring to laze around in the sunshine – preferably whilst eating and drinking the best food and wine that money can buy. You love all foods, but especially heavier foods, those that give your stomach a sense of ‘weightiness’.  You love the feeling of security and contentment that a full stomach gives you.

Taurus is governed by the planet Venus, which governs the Thyroid gland (which can sometimes be under-active with Moon in Taurus), the throat, the circulation and sugar levels in the blood.  You possibly suffer from sore throats when you are under the weather. You may also experience sugar highs and lows and this can lead to a system that struggles to find a balance.  On a psychological level, you have an innate need of stability and the ‘familiar’ in your life – you don’t like change or upheaval. So, when you feel unloved or are going through a period of change or upheaval, you may crave ‘heavy’ foods, such as pastries, potatoes and pasta and also sweet things.

What you need to change and why

The way in which we respond to life emotionally is reflected in our attitude towards food.  Your stomach and digestive system may be a little on the slow side and your metabolic rate also may not be the fastest. Our metabolic rate dictates as to how quickly or slowly we burn calories and consequently whether we are slim or curvy.  Your digestive system may suffer a little due to your love of a luxurious lifestyle and may, in fact, become quite sluggish and slow, leading to constipation or indigestion.  This sluggishness may also be a reflection of your emotional inclination towards being fixed in your ways, stuck in rut, or refusing to move.  Your diet may incline you to put on weight as time goes by, especially around the middle of your body and so you need to take a good look at your eating habits.  As I’ve mentioned above, one of your downfalls is possibly sugar, which you may use to compensate for the low energy levels and lethargy caused by your poor diet.

You need to move toward sugar free foods that are more natural and wholesome.  Steer clear of food that contains added sugar (always check the labels, you’d be amazed how much is added to processed foods) and try to cut down on the heavy carbohydrates and red meat  Cereals and grains are good for fibre and nutrients.  Foods that contain vitamin E are definitely ones to go for as this keeps your circulation functioning well, Healthy oils such as corn, olive and soya oil all contain vitamin E. Other good sources of vitamin E include nuts and seeds, and also wheat germ which is found in cereals.  Green tea is also an excellent way of raising your metabolism, to help burn off those unwanted calories. Above all regular, sensible, eating is the key.

A new way forward

For you, a way of attaining a sense of inner balance with regards your food intake is growing your own vegetables and herbs and eating them in as natural state as possible.  Growing your own food takes the emphasis away from eating for the sake of it and toward the appreciation of nature and it’s wonders. You also enjoy feeding others – this is a natural expression of your warmth and love.  You should be a natural when it comes to cooking, so the odd dinner party (with healthy food of course!) will also give you an new, positive focus.  Regular exercise of any kind is a great way of raising the metabolic rate, helping you to shift those pounds and keep them off.

Gemini Moon Sign

You inner personality

You are the multi-tasker of the Zodiac. You have a great deal of nervous energy and are forever running around doing at least three jobs at once, (although you may not actually finish any of them!).  You are naturally intelligent and so are curious about all manner of things. You do actually need constant emotional stimulus to focus and direct your energies, or you can become bored, restless and irritable.  However at the other end of the scale, you also need to learn when to rest and relax, so that you don’t burn yourself out.  You are very sociable and like nothing better than talking with friends or loved ones at the end of a busy day.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

As you are a naturally busy person, you more than likely burn a lot of energy up during the course of your day.  You probably have quite a rapid metabolic rate, which means that you burn off calories quickly. Often you may forget to eat, preferring to remain active rather than sitting down and eating.  When you do eat, you possibly pick at many different kinds of foods – you do so hate to be bored. You may also be prone to trying the newest latest fad diet. However, your enthusiasm soon wanes when you realise just how dull life can be when on a diet!

What you need to change and why

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. This planetary body rules speech, hearing, communication, the limbs, the lungs and the nervous system.  You can suffer from stress-related problems, such as irritability bought about by exhaustion and worry, or even mild asthma.  Gemini Moons can, through their lack of attention to their diet and also because they tend to suffer from high stress levels, suffer through lack of nutrients.  This stems from either neglecting to eat the right foods, or through incomplete absorption of nutrients because the conditions in the digestive system are disturbed by stress-related hormones.

To ensure good digestion of your food, it is more important that you sit and focus consciously (the Moon sign Gemini is connected to how we think) upon whatever you are eating. This is even more important than, to a certain extent, what you actually eat. This will send the correct signals to your stomach to prepare for the proper break down and absorption of the food.

Foods that are good for you are those that contain B vitamins, which support the nervous system.  Fish, potatoes, bananas and legumes (dry beans, peas, lentils and soy products) are all good, as these contain the vitamin B6 which strengthens the nervous system. Vitamin B12 is another helpful one, found in foods like liver, red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. If these foods don’t appeal to you, or you are vegetarian, then you could consider taking a B complex supplement (always check with your GP before taking any supplements though).

A new way forward

Exercise is very good for you, as it burns off stress and helping to bring to you a calmer state of mind. However, you need something that you find interesting and that keeps you mentally and physically stimulated.  You will probably find that you fair better if you take up 2-3 different forms of exercise, doing them perhaps in rotation so that you don’t get bored

For you, they key to a balanced diet is to use that brainy Gemini Moon and learn about nutrition - what is good for you to eat and why you should eat it. Reading books and surfing the net are second nature to you and this is a subject that will keep you busy for a long time, one that you will enjoy and which will stimulate both your brain and your stomach!

Cancer Moon Sign

You inner personality

Moon Sign Cancerians are emotional, intuitive and very sensitive, both regarding their own needs and also those that they care for.  In order for you to function at your best, you need to feel secure within your family relationships and your home environment.  You love to care for others, but can worry excessively about them, making you a touch clingy on occasions.  If you feel insecure you can become moody or crabby towards loved ones, without directly expressing what it is that's bothering you.  You love your home and enjoy spending time just being in a safe and protected space.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

Food is not only nourishment to you, it also gives you a channel of expression regarding your love and affection for others.  For you, eating gives you a feeling of security and being with others at mealtimes gives a sense of togetherness and of being protected from the outside world. As you are so emotional and sensitive you may eat to cover up feelings of hurt or pain that can be overwhelming for you.  As a Cancer Moon Sign, you prefer to skirt around issues rather than getting them out in the open. If you have do have a disagreement with a loved one, you may turn to the food cupboard rather than talking to the person concerned.  If you are female, you may respond quite dramatically to changes in your hormone levels.  Consequently, you may suffer a little more than some of the other Moon signs from mood swings and water retention just before your monthly period.  Whatever your size, there will always be a food issue for this Moon Sign, whether it shows itself as a tendency to overeat, or as an anxiety connected with food – even to the extent that there could be an aversion to eating.

What you need to change and why

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and so you are definitely a Moon child! The Moon, of course, governs the stomach and digestive system and also the breasts, bodily fluids and general nutrition.

This ‘planet’ is also connected with our mother and our relationship with her. As it is our mother who first feeds us, then, as Moon Sign Cancerians, perhaps you need to begin to look at how she affected you. Did she focus on feeding you rather than talking to you openly?. Did she overeat herself and have you either inherited that tendency? Perhaps for some reason as an adult you feel that you don’t deserve to be nourished – thereby denying yourself food and avoiding eating properly. All of these are factors to be considered carefully.

Also, if you suffer from water retention or excess weight, examine your relationships – are you holding back or suppressing your feelings?  You may be accumulating water or weight in order to protect yourself from issues or situations that you feel unable to cope with. Alternatively, if you are underweight, you may be trying to show the world that you feel uncared for.

The mineral that may help you is potassium.. This regulates the fluid levels in the body and so helps with water retention. Food that contain this are, spinach, bananas, tomatoes red pepper, peaches, apricots, radish, papaya and red wine, (the last one in moderation please!)
Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is needed for the breakdown of fat, carbohydrates and proteins and so aids digestion. The foods that contain this vitamin are dairy products, such as cheese and milk, leafy green vegetables and soybeans,.  Almonds and yeast are also good sources.

A new way forward

Examining your feelings and the emotional quality of your life is the key to regaining bodily balance. Asking yourself why you want that large slice of cake may bring to you many answers that change the way in which you view food.  Look for other ways, rather than food, that bring you a sense of security and of being cared for. If you are part of a partnership, or you have a family, look closely at whether your emotional needs are being fulfilled and whether you are receiving nourishment and care from those close to you.  Also consider whether you are giving enough love and care to them.

If you live alone, perhaps you need someone, or something, to care for. Consider helping out someone nearby that needs your love and support, or if this isn’t possible, perhaps a pet would give you a positive channel for your caring nature. Above all, learn to take better care of yourself - nourish your body and soul.  If you find this difficult, then you need to ask yourself why.

Leo Moon Sign

Your inner personality

Leo Moons are loving, loyal and generous individuals. Your love for others knows no bounds and you are naturally affectionate and sociable. You function at your best when you feel loved and appreciated.  Being ego-centred is something that you may suffer from a little (or rather those around you may suffer!). You really enjoy being the centre of attention and absolutely hate being ignored!  Naturally creative, you love bright, warm colours and love to show off your talents to others.  You are enthusiastic when it comes to most things and are not one to take a back seat – you like to have a say in what’s what.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

You are a naturally generous personality. Whether is it love or money, you will give all you have to others. However, it follows that if you find it hard to deny others what they want, then you probably find self-denial about as appetising as stomach stapling!  Your portions of food are probably as large as your heart and your waistline may be expanding as a result.  You’re relatively vain however and like to be noticed and admired, so hopefully you make up for your large appetite with plenty of exercise to keep you in shape. If you don’t burn off the excess calories, then you could be looking at problems in the future. 

Emotionally, it could be that you have always felt under pressure to show the sunnier, happier side of your nature.  Consequently you have learned to be a bit of an actor. So, if life isn’t going as well as you want it to, you might feel that being miserable or unhappy are not acceptable emotions. You also have a huge amount of pride and don’t like to express what you see are weaknesses or failings.  It’s important that you retrain your way of thinking and understand that expression of difficult feelings is an indication of emotional strength – not a weakness.

What you need to change and why

The Moon in Leo is connected to the Sun which rules the general energy levels, the back and the heart.  Feeling appreciated and being noticed by others is very important for you. You need to feel that you are having an effect upon the world around you and that you are valued as an individual.  As this Moon sign is connected with love and affection, it follows that you need to take care of your heart, both emotionally and physically. If you don’t then you could suffer from lowered levels of energy.  If you eat the wrong foods for a long period of time, then this won’t help your heart to maintain good health.  If you suffer from a bad back, this can be indicative of an emotional need for support from those around you, support that your Moon Leo pride perhaps finds hard to ask for.

You probably have a slow to average metabolic rate and so need a fair amount of exercise to balance out those large portions.  If you have a few extra pounds that you want to get rid of and can’t exercise for some reason, for example if you have a bad back, then cut the size of your portions down gradually. Also definitely avoid eating fatty foods as they are no good for your heart.

If you are feeling down and are suffering from low energy levels, St John’s Wort - the ‘Sunshine herb’ – can be helpful in boosting your mood and your motivation. If you do decide to take this, consult your doctor beforehand, as this herb may inter-react if combined with certain medications.  Vitamin D, which we get from the Sun, needs the minerals calcium and magnesium to be absorbed into the body effectively.. We can get calcium from cheese and others dairy products, tofu, sardines and green vegetables.  Magnesium is also beneficial for the heart and is found in cocoa, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and nuts and grains. Chicken, fish and meat are good as they help your body absorb magnesium.

A new way forward

If you feel that those close to you are not recognising all that you give them, then perhaps its time you opened up to them and aired any grievances you may have. It may be that your super-sensitive emotions are misinterpreting their actions and words and that they really don’t mean to hurt your pride. You’ll probably be very surprised at their response – after all they can’t know just how fragile you are if you’ve never told them!

Taking up activities that bring emotional rewards and give you chance to positively focus your energies by giving to others will help you no end. Opening up your heart to others’ needs and involving yourself actively will increase your energy levels, burn off calories and also take your mind away from food. Charity work, fundraising, even just helping out a friend in need are all beneficial pastimes.  In fact any activity which fulfils you emotionally and you feel has a positive affect upon the world around you will put you on the right path.

Virgo Moon Sign

Your inner personality

You are refined and sensitive.  Your emotions drive you towards achieving perfection in every area of your life. You want everything around you to be neat, clean and orderly and you work very, very, hard to attain this. Obviously your leaning towards perfectionism means that you and those close to you are under close scrutiny at all times. The continual pressure that you put yourself under means that you can suffer from worry and stress. This can affect you to the extent that you can eventually suffer from mental exhaustion, causing you to become overwrought and irritable. You are an inquisitive soul and as you are very mentally active, you need an intellectual focus to help keep you calm and centred. 

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

Food for Moon in Virgo is, unsurprisingly, a complex matter! You are extremely self-critical especially regarding your own appearance. You feel that you should look perfect and put probably put yourself under a lot of pressure as a result of this emotional tendency. The result being that you place a lot of emphasis on food and diet, as you see physical perfection as the key to emotional happiness.  This over-emphasis on food may well be your way of re-directing difficult emotions toward an area of life that can be controlled and therefore given order. An interest in food hygiene, diet and nutrition can be a very positive aspect of the Moon in Virgo. However, as detail is everything to you and you want to get whatever you do absolutely right, you could become very pernickety about what you eat. You do have a very sensitive digestive system and should definitely be aware that you need to be relatively careful about what you eat. This is not so much from a calorific level, but what your system finds easy and soothing to digest, as it may be prone to becoming irritated and even inflamed. As you are probably a very active person, and your metabolic rate is likely to be fast,  (ie you burn off calories quickly), you are probably not overweight.  If you do have a weight issue, however, this may be due to food intolerances, (which we look at in more detail in the next paragraph). However, whatever your weight, you mustn’t become obsessive about your diet, taking on board every new health food diet fad and believing it to be the perfect answer to your weight or digestive troubles.

What you need to change and why

Like your Moon Gemini counterparts, the planet Mercury also governs the sign of Virgo.  When Mercury rules Virgo it is connected with the intestines/bowels, the (sometimes over-active) thyroid gland, the pancreas, (which helps us digest food), drug and food sensitivities/allergies.

Although you should be relatively health conscious, you may suffer from problems with stomach acid, which may be a by-product of your emotional sensitivity and also your stressful lifestyle. Like your Mercury-ruled Moon in Gemini counterparts, you also probably process food quite quickly and this can lead to you not absorbing the nutrients that your body needs. You may also have food allergies or be sensitive to certain foods and these can lead to either weight gain or weight loss. If you are having problems it may be worth eliminating certain foods from your diet for a while to see of this helps. Problems you could suffer with are excess wind, indigestion or heartburn, an allergy test could be a good idea to find out where the problems lie.  You’ll need to approach a qualified professional to have this carried out. Nutritionists often specialise in these tests and can advise you as to the best way forward.

Again, like your Moon Gemini cousins who are also governed by Mercury, foods containing B vitamins will help your nervous system.  Vitamin B1 may be especially helpful, as this can help in the break down and digestion of food. Remember to check with your GP before you begin taking supplements as they are not suitable for everyone.  Foods that contain B vitamins are marmite, liver and whole grains. Egg yolk, potatoes, peas, oranges and often fortified breakfast cereals contain vitamin B1.

A new way forward

As Mercury in Virgo governs the written word, then perhaps a ‘feelings diary’ might be a good idea.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, or even make a great deal of logical sense (I know how much you love things to be logical!). Just use it as a channel to bring a sense of order to your feelings that sometime you find hard to express – feelings that can be far too untidy for your liking. Writing will clear your busy mind, reduce stress, and enable you to understand why you feel the way you do – with regards to both your life in general and your relationship with food. Also as stress affects the digestive system, any relaxing pastime, such as Yoga or Tai Chi will help to centre you, calming and soothing your mind and your tummy.

Libra Moon Sign

Your inner personality

You are gentle, diplomatic and charming. If your life is balanced positively between work and home, then you can achieve a great deal.  Even if you aren’t the most disciplined of the Moon Signs, you enjoy connecting with others through your working life and are a good member of any team.  You are able to look at emotional situations from a mediatory standpoint, which is why you can see both sides of any situation.  Within your home life you need a peaceful and harmonious environment, you actively dislike conflict and will do your best to mediate between arguing family members in order to restore tranquillity in your home. However, Libra Moons can, if they lose their inner equilibrium, become very insecure and afraid of others’ disapproval and consequently all areas of their life may suffer.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

As you adore beautiful and refined objects, it follows that you like your food to look as good as it tastes.  You may not always be able to decide what you want to eat, but you will enjoy you food so much more if it is well-presented. You are likely to have a sweet tooth and this may incline you to put on a few extra pounds. You are possibly not inclined towards hard exercise. However, as you yearn to be beautiful, you will probably work hard to shift the weight – even if you don’t enjoy it!

It is your intense need to be loved and also to co-exist within a close relationship that drives you towards food. As a result of this you then may feel unlovable and work off the excess as a kind of self-inflicted punishment. Sugar and chocolate are perfect love substitutes and so these are what you may well reach for when you feel unsure about this area of your life. You may also eat when you feel that you just aren’t beautiful enough (which of course isn’t true!). Food may also be a source of comfort  and an easy way to avoid issues if others around you are in conflict with one another, or if you feel unable to express your emotions through fear of being confrontational or of creating waves.

What you need to change and why

Moon Sign Libras are ruled by Venus, just like Moon Taureans. However, Venus behaves slightly differently when connected with this air sign – it governs the kidneys, the circulatory system (the veins), the blood pressure, the female ovaries and the glands in the body.

If you are balanced in your approach to life, giving yourself time to work and equal time to relax with loved ones, then this will be reflected in the way you eat and vice versa. .So, if you as Moon Sign Libra are out of ‘balance’, or existing within a stressful, or discordant, environment for a long period of time, you may neglect your diet, possibly turning to sweet foods or anything that gives you a quick fix.  Your digestive system could then also become imbalanced and out of kilter. If this isn’t adjusted then in the long run you could possibly suffer from water retention, caused by kidneys that are not doing their job as well as they could. You could also be prone to low or high blood pressure, general circulation problems, or varicose veins. 

To keep your circulatory system healthy, you need to ensure that you have an adequate intake of vitamin E. This also is very beneficial for the skin and we know how you like to look gorgeous! Foods that contain this vitamin are healthy oils (corn, olive and soya oil all contain vitamin E). Other good sources of vitamin E include nuts and seeds, and also wheat germ which is found in cereals.  Plenty of water is vital for your kidneys and so 6-8 glasses a day are a must.   Just like your Taurus Moon siblings, you also need to limit your sugar intake, or cut it out altogether.  Some of you Libra Moons could be prone to sugar imbalances, leading to dips in energy levels. This will increase stress levels and affect the digestive system further. Balance these fluctuations out by eating meals regularly and foods that are low in added sugar are a must.

A new way forward

You function at your best within a happy relationship and it’s vital that you ensure that this area of your life is balanced in every way. Do you love your partner more than they care for you, or vice versa? Are responsibilities shared equally, or are you a bit prone to avoiding the unpleasant stuff – the dirty jobs?   Likewise at the other end of the scale, you may not be asserting yourself and may be allowing your partner to take advantage of you, with them expecting you to carry the majority of the load. This may also be occurring within other relationships, such as in your working life or within family connections. In order for your body to be balanced, these issues must be addressed first – no matter how painful they may be.

If you are single and want to feel motivated towards weight loss or just improving your physical health – find yourself a friend to work out with. This will help you feel more confident about what you are trying to achieve and bring to you a feeling of emotional security when venturing into new situations.

Scorpio Moon Sign

Your inner personality

You are emotionally intense, inwardly controlled and determined.  You feel everything very deeply indeed and so life can be a complex experience for you.  You like to understand in-depth why life is the way it is and don’t like to be fobbed off by half answers or superficial explanations.  You are very intuitive and can often see through others' falseness or dishonesty. You don’t reveal your inner self to many people and find it difficult to trust others with your emotional vulnerabilities. However, once they have proved themselves to you and are accepted into your family circle, then you will protect them with your life!

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

You are a Moon Sign of extremes – so you are likely to either overeat or to eat next to nothing.  As your emotions can be just too much and you need a sense of inner control, food can provide a sense of this. Life is an emotional hurricane for you and you will either respond by eating to numb the intense feelings that you are suffering from. At the other end of the scale, at times you may not be able to eat anything at all, as your emotions are so strong they can obliterate even your most basic needs.  You may even swing from one extreme to the other depending on what’s happening in your life – the result of this being fluctuations in your weight.  There is also a self-destructive element to this Moon Sign and this coupled with your need for control means that you may unconsciously punish yourself through your food intake for what you feel are your failings.  However, just as you can be self-destructive you are incredibly strong-willed and so are equally capable of turning your life and your eating habits around. You can be very determined once you decide to change.

What you need to change and why

This Moon sign is ruled by the planet Pluto.  This governs the renewal of cells in the body, the colon, hormone levels and is connected through Scorpio to the reproductive system.

Bottled up feelings will sit in your system, its as simple as that.  Anger, rage and, of course, that Scorpio jealousy can literally put a fire in your belly, eating you up inside and causing havoc with digestion and health in general. Without expressing your feelings and holding them in, they get ‘stuck’ inside and on a physical level this could show itself as constipation. So, a high fibre diet is essential, one that keeps you regular and keeps your colon clean. If your insides are blocked this can not only stop nutrients from being absorbed, but can lead a build up of toxic waste in your system, which could affect your body’s ability to fight illness. If you can stomach it, (no pun intended!), then colonic irrigation is a fantastic idea as this will cleanse you of impurities. Don’t have these too often though, as you have good bacteria in your intestines that protect you from disease and you don’t want to get rid of those. After a colonic irrigation, a good idea is to take probiotics (good bacteria) in capsule form, perhaps for a week or so afterwards. You can get these from most health food shops.

Food that are high in fibre are whole foods and include wheat germ, oat and rice bran. Of course, fresh fruit and vegetables are a must and contain vital vitamins as well as roughage. There are herbal remedies that also help with cleansing the colon, aloe leaf, ginger, senna and cayenne pepper stimulate bowel movement (always consult a professional before taking herbal remedies, as they are not suitable for everyone). However, being a creature of extremes, be careful that you don’t take in too much fibre, either through diet or through herbal supplements, as too much bowel stimulation can deplete the body of water.  Drinking plenty of water is essential, this keeps everything flowing and so helps keep the body free from building up harmful waste.

A new way forward

Expression of emotions is vital for your physical and emotional health.  You are a complex being, so much of what you do comes from a deeper subconscious level that you may need some outside help in order to understand your feelings better. Whether it is a friend or partner that you feel comfortable with, or a trained counsellor, you would benefit from learning to first place trust yourself and others.  Sharing your deeper feelings without fearing that you are making yourself vulnerable would be a huge step forward for you and  would  benefit you emotionally and physically..  Talking may also help you uncover the reasons as to why you are perhaps not as contented as you may be.  A good sex life is also vital for Moon Sign Scorpios, so if you have blockages or issues in this area, then its an idea to work on resolving them! This enjoyable activity is a channel of expression for your intense feelings and emotions and so will relieve built-up feelings and pent up stress.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Your inner personality

Enthusiastic, adventurous and very open-minded, you try your best to enjoy life to the full.   You are generous and kind-hearted, there is no malice in your soul, you just don’t have time for pettiness or spitefulness. However, your direct and very honest nature means that sometimes you don’t realise when you have hurt others’ feelings.  What you feel is just a direct statement of the truth can be a bit painful for others to hear!  You are naturally restless and so can become bored very easily. Symbolised by the archer you are forever scanning the horizon in search of a new and exciting focus.  The only problem with this is you may not stop to look what you have right under your nose and so may sometimes miss out on what is happening in the here and now.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

You can be a bit prone to weight gain, especially around the hips and thighs. This is partly due to your metabolic rate, which could be a little sluggish, and partly because you don’t like to make a fuss about anything until it really starts to bother you – and this includes your physical appearance! 

You are very open to new experiences and so love to try new and exotic foods.  This stops you becoming bored – food is definitely the spice of life for you.  However, as details bore you and you prefer to be outside in the big, wide world – you are not always fussy about what goes into your stomach and you may just grab the quickest, most calorie laden, foods, those that give you the energy to keep moving.  As it’s in your nature to want more from life, it follows that you want more in the way of food and limitation isn’t something that you find easy on any level. Overeating may become a problem if you feel restricted, bored, or held back from progress and so can’t find a channel for your restless and expansive emotional energies

What you need to change and why

Jupiter rules this Moon Sign and this great planet governs the breakdown of fat in the body, which affects the cholesterol levels, the liver and is connected through Sagittarius with the hip joints and the thighs. It also governs growth and expansion on all levels and this includes the physical form!

You may be inclined to eat foods that are high in acid and this can create problems with your joints (possibly the hips) and your general health. Foods that you are best to avoid are, refined flour products, white bread and pasta, white rice, sugary foods, all pickled foods, wine, fruit juices, and spirits.  If you have a problem with cholesterol, then you need to avoid foods that are high in fat.  Most of all avoid excess alcohol and take care of your liver by eating as healthily as possible.

Vitamin B6 helps with fat break down and therefore may be helpful in lowering cholesterol.  Foods that contain this are meat, fish, potatoes, bananas and legumes, such as dried beans, peas, lentils and soy products.
Chromium will help balance insulin levels and so will help with regards to the storage of fat.  You’ll find chromium in brewer’s yeast, red meat, wheat, nuts, beans, sprouts and green vegetables. Of course, you can take supplements containing B6 or chromium, but check with your GP first.

A new way forward

If you are bored or feel that you are stagnating, use the energies of your Sagittarian Moon to explore the world, physically and mentally. Work on setting yourself free from what ever it is that’s holding you back. You need variety and constant stimulation, otherwise you will misuse the power of Jupiter – focusing on over-indulging in food and drink to compensate for lack of excitement or new experiences. This Moon sign is connected to travel, philosophy and languages, so there’s a few good suggestions that should keep you busy!  I appreciate that most of us have to do the boring stuff to keep a roof over our heads, but make sure that you do something stimulating at least a couple of times a week. Also travel and holidays are essential for you – so start saving and go somewhere new!  If your budget simply doesn’t allow for this, studying or reading up on culture or religion in other countries will prove to be a very stimulating pastime.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Your inner personality

Moon Sign Capricorns are patient, reliable, steadfast and rational. You tend to respond to life on a logical and practical level, over dramatisation of feelings and extreme displays of emotion are just not your style.  You tend to lack a little confidence socially and so although you like to be seen to be doing well on a career and material level, are just as happy on your own as you are with a crowd.  You tend to be conservative in most areas of your life and will work hard to build up the resources you need on a material level to bring you a sense of emotional security and stability that you so need.  If you do work too hard, however, you can become particularly grumpy and somehwat pessimistic. However when you are secure and happy you have a lovely, dry sense of humour. You are a very responsible and steadfast friend and family member.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

Your are actually very disciplined when it comes to food.  Moderation and self-denial are second nature to you, so you are unlikely to be overweight. You may even be a touch stingy when it comes to spending money on food. However, you may be missing some essential nutrients if you are too strict with your diet. You tend to see everything as a job, as work to be done and you must remember to let yourself go and actually have some fun with food occasionally.  You are a bit prone to stress and also towards slight depression – you are often unkind to yourself and see emotional expression as weakness, or simply as an indulgence you don’t have time for. You may, if you feel under pressure, actually find it impossible to eat at all. This is a form of a complete ‘shut down’ emotionally and physically. Learning to care for yourself and respecting your vulnerabilities will help you connect with your feelings and your needs with regards to your food intake.

What you need to change and why

This Moon Sign is connected with the planet Saturn, which governs energy blockages, chronic conditions (i.e. long term illnesses), the bones and joints. Through Capricorn it is connected with the knees, the gallbladder and the digestive system in general. Through learning to be responsible for our bodies we can remain healthy and balanced. However, if we neglect our bodies, then we pay the price.  As a Moon Capricorn, you probably have a good constitution that can get through most illnesses. However, you need to protect your weak areas such as your bones and digestive system.

As you can be some what inflexible emotionally, preferring life to be structured and rational, it follows that your body can have problems with its structure – namely the bones and joints. It is important that you take care of yourself with an adequate intake of calcium rich foods such as dairy products, especially cheese, as well as sardines and green vegetables.  Avoid too many fizzy drinks as they can deplete the levels of this essential mineral.

Vitamin C, found in fruit and vegetables, can help you if you feel that your immune system is depleted and you’re suffering from repeated colds and viruses This vitamin also helps to keep tissue, cartilage, bones, teeth and the skin healthy. It may also help prevent arthritis, which is sometimes a Capricorn complaint.

If you do suffer from a weight problem, then you must try to lose weight as your joints may be weakened by too much pressure. Whatever your weight, if you find your knees are causing you problems – it means that you are carrying too much emotionally and need to let something go. If your skin flares up then you may be storing unexpressed anger and need to find a way to release it.

A new way forward

Whilst I appreciate that you will never neglect your responsibilities, it is vital that you connect with your body and inner needs and learn to recognise the signs that are telling you to stop and rest. Being ruthless with yourself and pushing yourself beyond what is reasonable will only result in emotional and digestive problems. Learning to show love and kindness to yourself may not be easy – but for you it’s the key to inner progression and a happier life. Try to begin to understand that you can’t carry the world on your shoulders and you aren’t responsible for everyone else’s emotional security and happiness.  Above all, take time to have fun and actually appreciate what you have built up through your total dedication and unremitting hard work.

Take some time to make a list of everything you do on a daily and weekly basis both at work and at home. As you are so very responsible, (and possibly a bit of a martyr!) you may perhaps have been taking on other on board people’s work and duties.  Have a look at what you can pass onto others and for goodness sake – learn to delegate!

Aquarius Moon Sign

Your inner personality

You are very sensitive and fairly highly strung. Above all, however, you are an individual, you like to do things your way and need a fair amount of emotional freedom. You can experience quite a bit of inner stress if you feel trapped or restricted in any area of your life.  Although you enjoy the company of others, because of this dislike of being restricted, you are cautious about who you commit yourself to on a deeper level. You have a kind heart, you would never consciously hurt anyone and you love your friends and family very much. However, you can actually be a little bit emotionally contrary  – when those around you want to be with you, you want to withdraw into your shell and when they want space – you may well demand their undivided attention!  You have a modern up-to-date outlook and are not insecure about new concepts or ideas – in fact, you thrive on keeping up with trends. People who know you well may feel that you are a little eccentric with regards to your approach to life!

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

As a child you would have been fairly highly strung and very sensitive to others’ responses to your behaviour.  The only way in which you could express your need for freedom and emotional control was perhaps through your eating habits. If you come from a family that is fairly health conscious, perhaps you deliberately ate junk food just to prove a point and vice versa. However, if your home environment was one where convenience food was the staple diet – then perhaps you became vegetarian or an avid health-food fan at a young age.  However you view food, the point is that you need to feel that you are different from your family or peers in some way, that you are showing yourself as a free-thinking individual and not one that follows the crowd. As an adult you still need to feel that you are doing your ‘own thing’ by eating what you want, or alternatively, that you are somehow breaking new ground by trying out new and very different diets.

What you need to change and why

Moon Aquarians are ruled by the planet Uranus, which governs the nervous system, ( especially with regards cramps, spasms and twitches) and through its connection with the sign of Aquarius it also rules oxygenation of the blood, the spinal cord, the ankles and the calves.

You can often respond to life's restrictions by feeling suffocated on a psychological level. This is reflected physically by your Moon Signs connection with oxygen, which of course we breathe in through our lungs.  Heavy, starchy foods rob the blood of oxygen and so are best consumed in moderation by Moon Aquarians. Starchy foods are bread, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes. Deep breathing exercises are a good way to ensure that there’s plenty of oxygen in your blood and are a great way to de-stress

B vitamins are essential for the nervous system and will help you cope with the stresses and strains of life.  Many healthy foods contain these, however a B complex supplement, which contains a balance of all the B vitamins, is often a good idea to ensure an adequate intake. (Check with your doctor first before taking supplements).  Manganese is a very good mineral as it nourishes the brain and the nervous system, helping to keep you balanced, calm and clear-headed. Foods that contain this mineral are whole-wheat bread (in moderation), macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and pecans, soya beans, chick-peas, brown rice and tea.

Magnesium helps prevents muscle spasms and cramps (which your calves may be prone to). You’ll find this in cocoa, nuts, pumpkin, sunflower and other seeds, and grains. Chicken, fish and meat aid the absorption of this mineral.

A new way forward

Your desire to be different from those around you can get out of balance on occassions – becoming almost a ‘bloody-minded’ kind of response.  If you feel that you lack freedom of expression in your life, that your individuality is repressed or contained, then you may well respond through your food intake – much like you did as a child. So your diet is a reflection of this attitude. You will either eat very badly, or be obsessed by healthy food, depending upon your environment.   If you can relate to these extreme patterns, then you need to look at where you feel you are being suffocated or restricted in your life and consequently your attitude towards food will cease being a power issue.

It is important to balance your need for freedom of expression with a healthy attitude towards commitment. Obviously there may be situations that are unnecessarily curtailing you and you are best to change them. However, in order for you to experience steady progress, you must know when to commit yourself and work towards what you want. It’s not a good idea to rebel against everything just to prove a point. Your natural intelligence and ability to look at yourself from an almost objective viewpoint will help you in your pursuit of happiness and inner contentment.

Pisces Moon Sign

Your inner personality

You are a gentle soul, compassionate and emotional. You find it hard to contain your emotions and can laugh and cry at the drop of a hat.  You possibly find yourself moved to tears by the soppiest movies, the corniest songs and you also find it hard to turn away others who need your help. Consequently life can be a fairly emotionally exhausting process for you!  As you hate upsetting other people so much, it can be hard for you to be direct with them regarding the expression of your own feelings and needs. Often you will avoid people that you are upset with, or who you feel may be upset with you.  You are a natural romantic and love to be wined and dined in beautiful surroundings. Being in a caring relationship is something that you crave for, as life alone can feel a little harsh for such a sensitive soul as you.

Your eating habits and why you do what you do

Self-discipline doesn’t come easy to you and you possibly don’t have the most efficient digestive system – your metabolic rate may be a little slow. On a psychological level, you find it so hard to say no to lovely food. Your diet is likely to be a kind of ‘eat whatever comes to hand’ regime, as planning your day just doesn’t ever seem to work.  Food and also alcohol come in handy to numb emotional pain and also to distract you from confronting what’s really bothering you.  Counting calories or restricting your food intake just seems too complicated and very boring for you imaginative souls. Other people tend to demand a lot from you and consequently you can become very emotionally drained, this emotional response will also affect you physically.  This is when high sugar foods and anything that gives you that extra burst of energy may well be your first port of call. This kind of diet, of course, can create sugar highs and lows that affect your mood further, again depleting your energy and creating a kind of vicious circle. You may also be prone to retaining water in your body, which is a physical response to holding onto your emotions..

You are very good at helping and taking care of others.  However, this can be to the extent that you neglect your own needs – a bit of a martyr syndrome I’m afraid! Focusing on other peoples problems and issues can also seem to be a justifiable way of avoiding your own emotional difficulties. 

What you need to change and why

Well, I think the above paragraph sums it up don’t you? The planet Neptune governs this sign and is connected with drug and alcohol sensitivity, muscle tone, weaknesses of organs and slight immune system problems. Through the sign of Pisces it governs the feet and toes, the lymph gland system, mucus and also water retention.

As you are emotionally sensitive, it follows that you are also physically in need of careful attention. You need to take general care of your health through moderation in all areas of your life, but especially through healthy eating and exercise.  You know how to take care of others very well, it’s just a case of applying that ability to your own health and well-being. Your digestive system needs sympathetic and loving care for it to operate at its best.  Without a good diet you may suffer from all kinds of digestive problems, from indigestion to diarrhoea. These problems could eventually affect your immune system if left untreated.

If you suffer from water retention, avoid salt and salty foods (check the labels on your food, you’ll be amazed how much is added to seemingly innocent foodstuffs!). Also avoid excess alcohol, as this upsets the bodies fluid balance and can deplete vital vitamins and minerals.  Do include in your diet, celery, onion, parsley, garlic and peppermint, which can all help reduce water retention.

If you continue to have problems with either water retention or your weight, it may be a good idea to check to see if you have any food allergies.  Despite the fact that Moon Pisceans often love fish and seafood, it is equally possible that you could have an allergy to this type of food.  A fact worth considering is that often the foods we crave are those that we are allergic to.  Some symptoms of allergies, apart from water retention and weight gain, are rashes, itchy eyes, wheezing, runny nose or general mucus problems. If you suffer from cravings or suspect that you are allergic to some foods, an allergy test can be undertaken by a professional nutritionist.

A new way forward

As a Piscean Moon, you are likely to respond to the more sensitive side of life, such as spirituality, religion and the caring professions.  If you find a positive and healing channel for your emotional energies, then you will feel less inclined to lose yourself in food - if you nourish the soul and food will not seem so important.  Charity work, healing in general and alternative therapies are all Piscean areas that you could consider becoming involved in. Water is very healing for you and highly beneficial , whether it is ensuring that you drink enough on a daily basis, or bathing or swimming in it – it will help calm and soothe you and restore your inner balance. 

Also, even though a positive channel for you is to help and heal others, make sure that you learn to separate yourself a little from other people’s needs. You can become merged with other’s feelings and absorb their negative emotions, which can take a toll on your emotional and physical health. Take time out for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it, you are as important, if not more so, than those you look after. 

To find out what your Moon Sign is, go to the 'moon sign calculator' on this page.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for interest purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or to prescribe treatment in any form. Before starting any diet, or considering taking supplements or medication (natural or otherwise), you should always consult you doctor, particularly if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions.



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