Introduction to Astrology

Astrology has been in existence for thousands of years.   It was first used many, many centuries ago. There is evidence that it has been used since approximately 5000bc and it also has been used in different forms throughout history

Your birth chart, which is a picture of the sky at the time of birth, is a blueprint of your individual personality and shows where your personal potential lies.  It is a picture of the Universe as seen from the Earth. Whilst your chart will show the influences present and the boundaries within which you must operate as an individual, it has no control as to whether or not you fully utilise your personal potential. That potential is something that only you can realise through the development of self-awareness and an open mind.  Astrology, used correctly, is an integral part of this learning process.

Think of it this way, if you are given a car you may use it for many things. You may choose to travel the world, or you may choose to simply visit the corner shop.  Alternatively you may decide to help those who have no transport, or you may just leave your vehicle in the garage to fall apart. It is the same with your birth chart, it is your vehicle. You may not have consciously chosen what has been given to you, but it is entirely up to you what you do with it.

So, why use astrology – what’s the point? Knowledge is power; it’s as simple as that. Once we have an awareness of the different facets of ourselves then we can connect consciously with those parts and either enjoy and expand their positive qualities, or mitigate the negative. This means that we then have more control over the more difficult aspects of our personalities. Without conscious knowledge and awareness, important talents and strengths can lay dormant – never constructively used. I feel that there is nothing as wasteful as unused potential. We are all seeking happiness and it is through the conscious expression of our positive personality traits that we pave the way forward to a happier and more fulfilling future.

I am sure that all of you are familiar with astrology to a certain extent.  Most of us have looked from time to time at the local or national newspapers Astrology section. This basic kind of astrology covers the twelve Sun signs and can be used as a general guide to Life and the planets’ influences.

However, we all know that there are more than twelve different kinds of people and we certainly know that no two of us have exactly the same life experiences.  This is because the Sun sign is just one (although significant) part of the birth chart and one very small part of true astrology. The remaining nine planets are all to be found in one of the zodiac signs and have influence over different parts of our personalities and life experiences.

Also the birth chart not only looks at the personality, but also at the external life. It works on the basis that the internal energies are reflected in the outer or external world.

For example, to name but a few of the internal and external areas that the birth chart can reveal are, self identity, finances, relationships, the parents, the career, creativity, talents, children, mental and physical health and on a spiritual level, past lives and karmic progression.

Your Astrologer

Sharon Ward is a qualified astrologer and writer with over twenty years' experience. She holds a Diploma in Astrology and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International.

Please note: Due to a high workload, Sharon is unfortunately unable to take on any new clients for the present time.

Sharon Ward

Above are a selection of articles, all of which have been written by Sharon. These will help you understand what astrology is and how it can help you in your quest for personal progress. Some of the articles are written with other astrologers in mind and some have been written to help those of you who wish to discover more about this fascinating subject.